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Dec 5, 2013 04:26 PM

Christmas Dinner and New Year's Evening dinner in Oahu

I am looking for a nice restaurant preferably with an ocean view that would be open and have a nice traditional turkey dinner for Christmas dinner Dec. 25, 2013. We are a family of 5 adults. Also, a nice place for a New Year's eve dinner steak/seafood,.... again preferably with a nice ocean view and perhaps a New Year's party later on. We are staying in Ko Olina area but can drive into Honolulu. Chart House has a holiday menu but I am told it is not affiliated with the Chart House's on the mainland? Any reviews?

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  1. Re your Christmas Day dining plans: I think a restaurant with an ocean view will be easier to find than one that does a traditional turkey dinner. Most non-hotel restaurants in Honolulu close Christmas Day, so your best bet will be restaurant at any of the hotels that line the shoreline in Waikiki, plus the Kahala Mandarin and Turtle Bay Resort on the north shore. I am assuming you've checked the restaurants at the Ko Olina resort.

    1. Have you checked with Top of Waikiki or Sarento's at the Ilikai? Beautiful views from both high rise restaurants and you can party right there in Waikiki.

      1. DK's Steakhouse has a few ocean view tables and is a very good restaurant, may work for New Years Eve if you're ok with Waikiki. It gets dark earlier now, so an ocean view may not matter unless it is late afternoon or very early evening dinner.

        1. if you want an ocean view check out michel's at the colony surf or the hau tree lanai. both of them are at the diamond head end of waikiki and you can see the sweep of the beach with the natatorium in the foreground. hau tree may be a bit nippy as it is essentially outdoors.

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            ... and it might rain also...and that's no fun! Otherwise, Hau Tree is always my choice ...