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Dec 5, 2013 04:02 PM

Recommend a Restaurant - Near Route from San Antonio Airport to Ft. Sam

Husband and I will arrive in San Antonio early evening and want to have dinner before arriving near Ft. Sam. not too far off the route. Any ideas? Local cuisine is fine - even preferred and budget is not a big consideration. Thanks!

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  1. Pearl brewery is a (long) stone's throw from Ft Sam, get off 281S at Josephine and you're essentially there. Great restautants:
    Minnie's Tavern-french country cuisine
    Arcade-new american
    Nao-latin american/CIA
    Boiler House-wine bar/small plates
    Tuk-tuk taproom-asian/craft beer
    Granary-BBQ/craft beer
    Most of these have websites....enjoy!