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Best Khao Soi in SF?

Khao soi is Burmese-inspired Northern Thai dish that my fiance and I enjoyed on our visit to Chiang Mai. Now that we're home, we'd love to dine on the best khao soi SF has to offer. We'd be willing to go outside SF for superior khao soi, if the place is easily accessible via BART.

Where is the best khao soi in SF?

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      Thanks. For what it's worth, the most thorough thread (which I pasted a direct link to in my reply) is 6 years old—far from new and likely out-of-date.

      1. I didn't find any khao soi worth eating in SF but there is an excellent version in Oakland at Chai Thai noodles. Unfortunately it is not very close to a Bart station.

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          Chai Thai's menu started out as identical to that of House of Thai (former Thai House Express, same owners) at Larkin and Geary so theirs might be similar.

        2. The only place i know of, is old siam. It is good.
          Apparently the new thai place right across the street from old siam will also be serving a version. Yay!

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            Oh also, the version at old siam is boneless, it doesnt look nearly as good as your picture, but it has nice flavor and a Good amount of pickled mustard green to keep me happy.

          2. I liked the version at Amphawa Thai Noodle on Geary in the Richmond. More here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/8594...

            A few years ago I had the version at Thai house express in the tenderloin. I think it's still on the menu there and could be worth a try.

            I think there are several other places in sf that have it too, and I'm also curious to hear updates.

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              That former Thai House Express is the place mentioned above that changed its name to House of Thai.

            2. I've eaten khao soi in Chiang Mai as well, after being introduced to the dish at Thai House Express in the Castro, where it is still one of my favorite dishes on their menu. I have not tried any other versions in San Francisco. The version at Thai House is not the same as the versions I had in Chiang Mai -- it is made with boneless breast meat instead of whole bone-in wings or thighs, the curry sauce is not as spicy, and the condiments (fried shallots and pickled mustard greens) come already mixed in -- but I still enjoy it. I'll have to try some of the other versions mentioned in this thread and see how they compare.

              1. I just was talking to the owner of Ran Kanom Thai in Richmond. She is opening a noodle restaurant on San Pablo early next year. She said they will have Khao Soi. Given how authentic her food is I predict it will be good.

                1. I have no idea about authenticity, as it's not a dish I'm terribly familiar with, but I've had it at Thai Thai on Clay in the Financial District, and have found it to be pretty tasty.

                  I've had a version at Thai Time on 8th in the Inner Richmond and didn't care for it. It was actually one of the first things I tried there and it kept me from returning for some time, but since I've found that there are other dishes they do that I've enjoyed.

                  1. Jitlada Thai, located right near Japan Town has good Khao Soy. I also enjoyed it for the first time on a trip to CM early this year and was surprised to find it on the menu. Great flavors. If you get takeout they also have separate containers for everything so it does not get soggy.