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Dec 5, 2013 11:50 AM

Roast Dungeness crab with garlic noodles: PPQ, Lotus or other? [San Francisco]

It's been a while since I've had this delectable specialty, and I don't see any recent reports. PPQ was where I went years ago - not sure if it's still good? I saw reports that Lotus was even better, but those aren't recent either. Recs?

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  1. I went to Crustacean YEARS AGO and it was wonderful.

    1. Went to PPQ Dungeness Island for the black pepper crab last winter. It was awesome! Not to be confused with PPQ (Beef Noodle House) which doesn't serve crab or garlic noodles.

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          They're part of the Crustacean family, aren't they?

        2. We went to frisco fried on 3rd street. In addition to some wonderful fried chicken and fish, they also have garlic noodles and garlic crab.

          We got the garlic noodles as a side and then got a big container for home. It was quite excellent, buttery and super garlicky. A lot better than the garlic noodles from the thanh-long truck which we had a couple months back.

          Might be worth checking it out for their crab also. We have kids, so the amount we eat out has decreased significantly :(


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            Does anyone have a recipe for those noodles?

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              I thought it was just a combination of butter/olive oil and both real and powdered garlic. Parmesan, and apparently (and here's where things get iffy), Oyster and/or fish sauce, possibly Maggi seasoning sauce or Chicken Boullion, powder, though I don't taste any of that. I think the noodles you pick makes a difference. You want Asian noodles. I've had places that use Spaghetti, and it's just wrong. There should be enough garlic so that they're entirely coated.

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                For Thanh Long garlic noodle, I like Rasa Malaysia's recipe of both the crab and garlic noodle ( We have made it several times, always a hit and so easy to make. Also makes a difference to use the French maggi vs the normal maggi. I've never had frisco fried's garlic noodle, so maybe not similar at all.

                I think the PPQ noodle is a little sweeter than Thanh Long. You may want to amp up the sugar if you like it sweeter.

          2. My impression (without having visited) was that there were better and cheaper options than Crustacean and Thanh Long, of which PPQ was one of the foremost when I went. Glad to hear there's been at least one good recent experience.