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Dec 5, 2013 10:58 AM

Where to eat near the Shakespeare Theater - Harman Hall

We have never been to this theater before (6th and F, NW) and it has been ages since we have eaten in this area. Need suggestions for pre-theater dinner. Restaurant must be wheelchair accessible. Not hideously expensive. We eat just about anything except sushi.

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  1. Graffiato is right down the street. Make a reservation and request a table on the first floor and you should be fine in terms of the wheelchair. It might be a little loud depending on how busy it is, since the first floor is also shared by the bar area....but the food is great (get the pepperoni sauce and the broccoli rabe).

    You can also go to Jaleo, which is wheelchair accesible and always.

    For something a little more higher end (and likely quieter) 701 has a really nice pre-theater menu.

    1. Elyssa's recs are all good, but I'd add Zaytinya and Oyamel to the list, too with the caveat that you'd need to phone Oyamel to see if there's a ramp in lieu of the couple of steps down to the dining area. I think so, but don't feel confident enough for you to skip your own due diligence.

      Last Sunday at Graffiato, the menu offered three separate dishes with the famous pepperoni sauce. We had the chicken thigh prep, which is part of the current menu. Two daily specials also included the delicious sauce.

      I'm guessing that you're going to see A Funny Thing... Great production!

      1. Those are all good recommendations, but --
        one thought about Oyamel, which I like a lot-- it is a bit uphill from Oyamel to the theatre, and if the chair isn't motorized, that could be an issue