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Dec 5, 2013 10:43 AM

London and Cambridge - mother & 18 yr old son - adventurous eaters

I will be taking my son to the UK to interview for college. We will have a weekend in central London, and then four full days in Cambridge.

You chowhounds have never steered me wrong. What should we try, and are there particular not-to-be-missed places? I also very much enjoy going to markets, and so if you know of excellent markets, I'd love to hear about it.

Many thanks.

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  1. Fitzbillies is a well-known bakery/cafe. It would be a great spot for lunch. The small restaurant at the Fitzwilliam Museum is also very nice.

    At the high end, there's Midsommer House and Alimentum, neither of which I've been to.

    This site has some good ideas.

    1. You'll find that the overwhelming number of posts on the board relate to just London and, in many cases, the same places are recomnended over and over again (usually with what appears to be good reason). It's why regular users of the board often recommend visitors use the search facility to at least get a short list and I'm happy to make that recommendation again.

      As for Cambridge, Midsummer House is one of the best restaurants in the country - one of only twenty to hold two Michelin stars and rated 14th in the Good Food Guide's best places in the UK.

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        I have been to Midsummer House, it was quite good (and I paid for that) but it's up itself in that unique British upper middle class/ Michelin kind of way. Didn't feel that comfortable there.

      2. I haven't lived in Cambridge long enough to go to Midsommer House or Alimentum, but I also recommend Fitzbillies for lunch one day. We really enjoy dinners at the Chop House on King's Parade. For non-British food, I like Tasty (Chinese-Szechuan) on Regent street the best (by far) of the number of spots I've tried. It's much better for dinner than lunch, though.

        1. If you fancy just a simple lunch, but high quality and in one of the most ancient pubs, try the Queens Head in Newton - a village 6 or 7 miles south of Cambridge, just off the M11.

          They only do soup (red or brown) and sandwiches (beef, ham and cheese), but the ingredients are great (and they are served as platters/open sandwiches on a Sunday - not sure why). They may even do smoked salmon ones too. But don't miss the toast and dripping (from the beef they roast everyday).