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Dec 5, 2013 10:37 AM

Brooklyn Source for Good Quality Fresh Chorizo?

So the other day I was @ Fairway in search of fresh Mexican chorizo for a Rick Bayless recipe I wanted to make..Alas, all they seemed to have was the Spanish cured kind... I wound up finding some sort of pre-cooked chorizo sausage from Neiman Ranch that I used instead, slicing it into rounds rather than being able to use it ground--as with Mexican chorizo and the recipe turned out fine...but next time, I would love to use the real thing--I am guessing there are places in Sunset Park that sell it... Anyone????

Thanks in advance for all your suggestions

ps I am willing to travel almost anywhere in Brooklyn and possibly Queens, since I have a car.

Thanks again!

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  1. Any carniceria in Sunset Park

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      Right. On 5th Ave between 40th and 60th St.

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        Thanks for the Sunset Park suggestions..I had, however, already figured Sunset Park would be the place (see my original post), but was hoping for somewhere specific, perhaps a place that someone already frequents and can recommend--

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            Well there are a couple of Bravo supermarkets on 4th Ave in say the 50s and a supermarket (used to be a Compare) right across the street from Ba Xuyen that have a packaged type of mexican style chorizo. Id guess that most big supermarkets like Pathmark or the 5th Ave Key Food in Park Slope have it.

            The commercial type varies in quality a bit. I dont personally know of a butcher that makes in fresh in Sunset Park but Ive not trolled for it either. Its reputably quite easy to make.

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            I like New Public Meat Market on 5th and 51st


            Ignore the bad review which is about whole hogs and apparently was the result of miscommunication. I've only ever had very pleasant experiences with the guys working there. im not 100% sure they have ground/loose chorizo, the ones ive bought there have been in links (though not cured like the spanish ones these were rather firm and would hold up if you sliced them cross-wise into rings).

      2. I've seen chorizo at Bklyn Larder. They rotate their housemade sausages, I would call them.

        1. There's been good recs for chorizo at a carniceria on 37th Ave in Queens (somewhere in the 80's, IIRC). If anyone knows the name and frequents it quite often, please chime in. Thank you.

            1. Try Mexican Grocery & More, at 324a East 2nd Street between Albemare Rd and Church Avenue. It's been about a year or so, but I remember them having pretty good chorizo, other meats, fresh veggies, as well as some very tasty behind-the-counter cooked food. Their meat cases were pretty cold to the glass touch.

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                original poster here..thanks so much for all your replies. will definitely be checking out sunset park and the suggestion in kensington!