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Dec 5, 2013 09:54 AM

Restaurant Gift Card for Client in Spartanburg, SC

Looking for a Holiday gift for a client in Spartanburg. I normally send restaurant gift cards to establishments such as Morton's, the Palm, or Seasons 52 Any advice?? Doesn't have to be a Steakhouse.

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  1. Or anywhere worthy within an hours drive....

    1. Bin 112 and Rivera's in Greer are both great and a great bang for the buck. Greer is smaller than Spartanburg, but only 15 miles away and an easy drive.I never hear anyone getting excited about the dinning options in Spartanburg.


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        A gift card to Bin 112 should also cover their sister steakhouse, The Strip Club. Both are great choices.

      2. Also, a $100 card would cover two diners and tip at either spot, both do steaks and seafood well.

        1. The Beacon

          They'll eat for a year.


          1. Chophouse 47 has the feel of a Mortons if that is what your client likes. As Rob says, the Spartanburg dining scene is lackluster. Greenville may be best the best option. Rick Erwins is nice for steaks as well and has, imo, a better feel than Chophouse.