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Dec 5, 2013 08:43 AM

Blue Bottle Coffee Beans

Does anyone know where I can find whole bean Blue Bottle coffee for home use in LA?

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  1. I order online. Its convenient. The shipping adds to the cost obviously since I only order 1 bag at a time for freshness.

    1. This doesn't help you immediately, but Blue Bottle is going to open a couple of LA locations: Abbot Kinney (Venice) and Hayden Tract (Culver City). Shouldn't be too long of a wait.

      1. Angela's Coffee on W. Sunset.

        Nice little independent place and the only bean they use is Blue Bottle.
        Also, Proof Bakery in Atwater Village.

        I purchase, when I'm in the mood for Blue Bottle, either one of these places for whole beans.

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          Great to know, thanks for the heads up!

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            I'm a regular at Proof Bakery and both locations of Cognoscenti Coffee and have never seen Blue Bottle Coffee there. Many other wonderful roasters are offered though. Best new bakery and coffee selection in Southern California as far as I'm concerned!

            1. re: sel

              <have never seen Blue Bottle Coffee there>

              Look closer.
              I purchase my beans from them regularly…
              Yesterday, as a matter of fact, around noon when they bring out their iconic sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies.

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                Okay, now I'm confused: I live close to Proof, so was on my way there and called to make sure they had some Blue Bottle in stock. The woman who answered the phone said that they didn't sell it. So close yet so far!

          2. Thanks for the info. everyone!

            1. Barista Society in downtown LA is yet another place.