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Han Dynasty Old City, New Digs Upscale!

Han Dynasty moved very far away, just across the street. Very classy place. Giant elegant high ceilings. Fantastic new setting.

Please excuse the photo quality, I didn't use the flash so as not to annoy peoples dining experience.

P.S. Disclaimer...Nephew is involved with this concern.

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  1. Did you eat there? Is the food as good? Great pictures!

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      Same food same menu, no price increase!

      Dandan noodles, Fish with pickled veg soup, MaPo tofu, Twice cooked pork belly, all delish.

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        And a very interesting drink menu, both alcoholic and non alcoholic. Old Overholt Rye! Great ginger lemonade. I will try to get the drink menu up here for perusal.

    2. Upscale looking. Beautiful photos. Thanks.

      Maybe I will stop by when I have a chance.

      1. I went the other day. It feels so big and fancy compared to the old location, but the food was the same (a good thing in my book). It was nice having a bar--and good happy hour deals!

        1. Is that where the Kabob / Hookah place used to be ?

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            It's been a couple of places. I think the last incarnation was a Filipino fusion restaurant.

            The new space is gorgeous. I found both the service and the food execution to be lacking (soggy, greasy scallion pancake!). And I say that as a big Han Dyanasty fan, at least in their University City location.

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              It's right on the corner, it was most recently a steakhouse called Reserve.

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                Oh, that's right. The Filipino place, Cebu, was an incarnation or two back.

            2. I've never done Han Dynasty before. I'm a bit finicky, can you eat healthy there and still enjoy it?

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                What do you mean by healthy? It's not the kind of place where you can customize the dishes very much and probably not really worth it if you want to order sauce on the side, etc even if they were amenable.

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                  The short answer is a No. It isn't actually an absolutely no, but it is challenging to see low cal, low fat, low salt in a Szechuan restaurant. Not impossible, but this should not be a place you go to if you are trying to eat healthy.

                  Look, you can eat healthy from a McDonald menu too, but a McDonald should not be your restaurant of choice if you want to be super healthy.

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                    I ask for and get low salt Mapo Tofu. You can ask for low /no salt in the cooking.The fish with pickled veg soup must have salt because that is what pickles veg, but not salty. If oil is your concern, that is kind of the backbone of the cuisine. Cold cucumbers not so salty, not oily.

                2. I've been to the new location once, and I have to say I'm conflicted by the decor. Definitely works for a high-end steakhouse, but not so much for Sichuan. Don't ask me to explain why, that's just how I feel.

                  As I said in another thread, the food was generally as good as the former location down the street (plus good cocktails now), but they competely screwed up the Dry Pepper Style Chicken (it was wet). Will inevitably go back, but you always worry when an owner starts building an empire that the QC will fall off. I hope we haven't seen the best days of Han Dynasty.

                  1. I love Han Dynasty, mostly for its food, but I also enjoyed the quirky environment and service.

                    The new setting is upscale quirky: A general expense account feel with red velvet? curtains and a giant wine cabinet that waiters need a ladder to reach the top of; huge clocks showing time around the world, as if it is a bank (which also fits the expense account feel); Chinese scrolls; black-and-white graphic prints that look like something out of a graphic novel; large TVs showing sporting events like a sports bar; and a ceiling painted like an abstract pink-and-blue sky.

                    The service hasn't changed: The first time we were there, we waited around 10 minutes for someone to discover us at the front of the restaurant and seat us.

                    That may sound critical, but for me mostly it give them a unique personality. The food was as fantastic as ever.

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                      My nephew mentioned that it was originally the corn exchange. That may be why it has that fancy bank type architecture/mural ceiling and the clocks around the world.

                    2. I'm in town on business this week. I ate at the old location 18 months ago when I was in town on business, and I loved it. So I went for lunch again yesterday. Had scallion beef (I'm a scairdy cat when it comes to hot spices) and thoroughly loved it. I got two colleagues to go there for dinner last night, The three of us shared scallion beef and garlic sauce chicken (one of us had had a sandwich for a snack just a few hours before we ate dinner) and it was plenty of food with a bit to bring back to the room for laters. The prices were wonderful and I was fine with the decor and ambiance. The staff seemed warm, and my waiter from the afternoon recognized me and came over to say hello. :)

                      As I type this I'm trying to decide if I want to go back for dinner again tonight, or if I wanna go to Zahav... I think I'm going to opt for Zahav just 'cos I never get that kind of food in Vermont. :)