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Dec 5, 2013 06:57 AM

Vanilla in a Cough Syrup Bottle?

Recently on an episode of John Besh's TV show on PBS, he had a 16oz bottle of vanilla that looked like it was in a cough syrup bottle. I think he said he got it in a pharmacy near where he lives.

I searched online but failed. I'd love to get a bottle on our upcoming NOLA trip, or maybe mail-order it.

If anyone has any info on this, I would be grateful.

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  1. I have no idea of the truth but wonder if he was a bit tounge-in-cheek with mention of a pharmacy because he was using a cough syrup bottle.

    I don't know why a modern pharmacy would have vanilla but mainly I would think anyone at his level would make their own vanilla extract as it is currently in vogue to make eveything you can in house.

    Lord knows I've made some passible Kahlua back in the day with vodka and vanilla beans.

    1. The bottles that real vanilla extract comes in often do look like cough syrup bottles. I think it was a tongue-in-cheek comment.

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      1. re: LorenzoGA

        He seemed pretty serious that he bought it at a place near where he lives, but I could be wrong.

      2. Did not see the episode, but I can recommend a New Orleans vanilla product Ronald Reginald's:

        I'm pretty sure you can get it at Dorignacs on Veterans Hwy.

        Someone please fill in the blanks: does this product have something to do with Warren Leruth or Paul Prudhomme?

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        1. re: TaTee

          Thanks so much for this!

          Hopefully we can find it in close to the Quarter or on the bus/streetcar line. Maybe that Robert's grocery near Brocatto's (if it's still open).

          If not, there's always mail-order as we do for LA Gold hot sauce we can't get, even though all our local stores carry Bruce Foods yams.

          1. re: eruby

            Rouse's carries the Ronald Reginald vanilla extract & vanilla marinade (extract with few beans inside the bottle). Have also seen it at Martin's Wine Cellar. Dunno if it's any good, I use Nielsen-Massey myself.

            1. re: Hungry Celeste

              Thanks Celeste!

              We will probably go to the Rouse's on Carrolton when we go to the track this Thursday or Friday.

              We normally buy Penzy's, but love to purchase NOLa products.

        2. I wish my pharmacist had vanilla or something similar on hand...because my last bottle of prescription cough syrup is made by a different manufacturer, and it is seriously foul.