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Dec 5, 2013 06:56 AM

Atypical NYE in NYC 2013-14

Hi All,

I'm looking for some recommendations for the both before and after midnight in the city this coming New Year's. I'm not looking for anything high end (i.e. >$85/person) or prix fixe type meals. We are both foodies with really diverse tastes (we blog, cook, and look for all kinds of unique eateries). As a general point of reference, two years ago we tried Ramen Setagaya on NYE and had a really good time with that. So any Manhattan favorites that would be open past 10 PM would be welcome suggestions.

After the fireworks, I'd like to go to a nice lounge/bar that serves good desserts and cocktails. I don't know if anything like this exists on new years to be honest.

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  1. You mention fireworks... So you plan to go to Central Park that night? You should consider eating on the UWS or UES, somewhere nearby then.

    Afterwards, I doubt you'll be able to just walk in to a good cocktail lounge. Most will be doing all inclusive parties that night at a high price.

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      Yeah, I was thinking Central Park for fireworks. Not too concerned with eating near there though, because I'm happy to take the subway to get around. The last time I did NYE in NYC, we hung out around St. Mark's place until about 11 PM and then went up.

      I should mention that I'm not unfamiliar with Manhattan, as I actually work here and have lived here in the past (I just currently commute in from NJ and have little time to actually check out the food scene!)

      I had a feeling that most would be pre-paid parties after midnight. I'm not too enthused about shelling out the money for that kind of event. What do most city-dwellers do after midnight? Mostly house parties?

      1. re: WorldTaster

        Friends' apartments or their local bars, and many people stay at home not wanting to fight with the crowds on the sidewalk and subways, or for when everyone is trying to grab a taxi after midnight.

        I think your instinct to do an Asian restaurant is a good one so I'd try to find what Takashi, Danji, RedFarm, etc. are doing.

        1. re: kathryn

          Thanks, I've wanted to try RedFarm for a while. I'll check out the others, which I know less about.