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Dec 5, 2013 06:36 AM

Boots and Bourbon (Leslieville) - new bar/restaurant by Matt Petit

I know this was mentioned in another thread but it seems like an interesting idea for Toronto (plus, just head that another "Country" bar is opening up in the Entertainment District called Rock N Horse Salon (


This spot took over the old (i.e. like a year old) Riverside Public House

Boots and Bourbon is by Matt Petit (behind Rock Lobster) and some people in the Canadian entertainment industry (not sure who that is, but, what I read).

Some pics up on Instagram. Looks like it could be a fun place. Officially opens up this Saturday. Any of you there last night for the preview opening and try the food?

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  1. If the owner of the Rocknhorse Saloon makes the same Long Island ice tea that was served at Longhorn saloon in Calgary it will be a hit. It was highly addictive and amazing, fingers crossed as i miss those decanters of goodness.

    1. Ylsf, I didn't go to the preview opening but got a chance to visit it last night. I love Rock Lobster so thought they'd have the same amazing food but I'll be honest was very disappointed. We had the fried pickled and chicken and they were soggy and dry, respectively. The flank steak was okay but nothing to write home about. But, they are so nice there that it sort of makes up for things sometimes.