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Dec 5, 2013 05:52 AM

Boon Lay Metro Station

Hi! My husband is in Singapore for work for 2 weeks, living in a rental near Boon Lay Metro Station. Can anybody recommend a good grocery store and some good eats (simple good food) nearby? It's not his first time, but he normally stays at an Hotel near Orchard Road, and seems to be at a loss regarding his new whereabouts (and the fact that he needs to provide for himself ;) ... Thanks!

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  1. Jurong Point mall is next to Boon Lay MRT station: there are enough eateries there (burger joints, patisseries, bakeries, Chinese, French, Indian, Japanese, Malaysian, Korean, Italian, Indonesian ) to feed your husband for a year :D

    He can buy virtually any grocery items from the supermarkets there as well. There's a Fairprice Xtra supermarket in Jurong Point:

    1. wow i love that you mentioned boon lay bc i studied abroad at NTU and that was my stop

      i always liked this nasi lemak place that is famous in the west