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Dec 5, 2013 05:43 AM

Restaurant/Bar w/Dining Room for 50? (DTW)

The closing of I-96 between Telegraph & Newburgh happens in Feb 2014 (thru Nov). It is motivating a car club to seek a new meeting location.

Desired areas. The I-275, I-696, M5 corridor. Novi to Royal Oak or Ferndale - within 2 miles of an expressway.

- Separate/private space for 50, maybe 60
- Bar or Coney food (burgers, wraps, pizza, salad, etc)
- Liquor license
- Safe parking; does not need to be attended/guarded.
- Separate checks. Yes; I know. But the free-loaders have worn out everyone's tolerance and nobody wants to be the heavy.

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  1. Seems like Vinsetta Garage might fit the bill.

    1. You might check with George's Senate Coney Island on Haggerty between 5 and 6 Mile Road (at the golf course).


      1. There was an episode of On the Rocks on FN lately about some bar that was opened at teh Oxford Inn in RO which apparently didn't last as a bar but is being used for catering

        I've never eaten there, can't say if the food is any good or indeed if they'd do separate checks, but the makeover of the bar space looked intriguing

        Rainsux, what kind of car club?

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            fun little driver--DH used to aspire to one as a midlife crisis car before he got his Nova!

        1. It's not RO or Ferndale, but the Logan's Roadhouse--an out building at the Oakland Mall might just work for you. Location is 14 Mile & I-75 (easy off, easy on).

          I've held a gathering there for the past seven years. The "Garage" there is big enough to accommodate your group.

          Service is EXCEPTIONAL! Their POS can itemize each attendees order. Prices are low, moderate. And the food is tasty.