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What Christmas food gift can I make that will fit into coffee mugs?

I have been buying pretty Christmas mugs over the years with the thought that I could use them "someday" for Christmas gifts (with a food item in them). Well, "someday" has arrived because we will be putting our house on the market and I need to clear out all the stuff we have accumulated--including these mugs.

The only things I can think of are homemade s'mores (which may not fit--graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows could take up more space than the mugs have), biscotti, and nuts---either sweet or savory.

Anyone have any great ideas? I am feeling singularly uncreative!

Thanks in advance.

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    1. Nice loose leaf tea parceled up, gourmet chocolate powder and mini marshmallows, coffee beans and a boozy miniature for irish coffees.

      I like the smores if you could get your hands on mini-sized everything.

      1. Caramel popcorn and/or roasted nuts would be nice too and could look nice in decorative bags.

        1. One year, I gave my work colleagues Christmas mugs with a recipe for homemade hot chocolate. You could include the pre-measured cocoa and sugar.

          1. A stack of cookies, a few cookies taller than the cup could be cute. Just wrap in clear wrap and add a bow. Or savory breadsticks.

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              Savory breadsticks reminds me of this easy and delicious recipe for blue cheese straws - I'd love to get a mug full of them.


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                Reminds me of another savory...using puff pastry strips and Parmesan, then twisting each strip before baking. Saw it on pinterest, and there were lots of cheesy variations, including with gruyere. I thought they"d be great for a party.

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                  I've made these, and they didn't hold up well over the course of an event. Great straight from the oven, though.

            2. Excellent ideas so far by the previous posters soccermom!

              A packet of homemade cocoa mix, and a candy cane stirrer.
              Spiced or candied nuts
              Homemade biscotti or mini cookies
              A handful of Lindt truffle balls

                1. The dry ingedients and this recipe for chocolate cake in a mug.

                  Flavored instant coffee mix (home made). Lots of recipes out there, here's an example

                  Cereal party mixes.

                  Caramel corn.

                  A stack of pecan tassies / nut cups made in mini muffin tins.

                  Miniature fruitcakes.

                  The biscotti and nuts are both fine ideas.

                  1. Pretzel rods dipped in white and dark chocolate and rolled in green and red sanding sugar?

                      1. Fruit Cake Cupcakes

                        Ferrero Rochers

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                          Thanks for the great ideas, everyone! Now I have to get busy and do it!

                        2. Bark candy, fudge, toffee, etc.

                          Candied and or savory nut mixes

                          Homemade crackers/cheese straws

                          Chocolate covered coffee beans

                          Brownie/blondie bites made in miniature muffin tins; flavors are endless...consider the sweet & salty combination like pretzel crust/raspberry brownie/bittersweet ganache. Lemon bars/pecan pie/pumpkin bar can also be made into a mini bite.

                          Pretzel rods drizzled in white chocolate that has assorted flavors/colors, assorted chocolate ganaches and flavored caramel, then rolled in crushed candy, cookies, nuts, chopped dried fruit, etc. I used to sell these to a coffee shop in my area and they went over well.

                          Nut brittles-pistachio & dried cranberry, walnut & dried cherry, etc. Candied popcorn - peanut butter caramel sprinkled with peanuts, Spicy butterscotch, etc.

                          Bags of homemade dried fruit mix such as apricots, blueberries, mango, pineapple, etc.

                          Cookies shaped like spoons; baked off and once they've cooled, put in the freezer for an hour then dip in melted chocolate & roll in garnishes. Allow to set then wrap individually and put into a glassine bag with a bow. Pair with a packet of good coffee/tea/cocoa.

                          Peppermint or other old fashioned candy sticks, wrapped with a bow

                          Holiday Christmas candy and truffles

                          I second the granola

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                            More great ideas, Cheryl. Thank you.

                            1. re: soccermom13

                              You're welcome, hope you find some of them useful

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                              I'm making blue cheese/pecan crackers today. Says you can make the dough logs ahead & slice-n-bake as needed. I'll report back if they're good enough for CH!.

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                                  Here's the recipe, if you'd like. They were just okay--I usually make a new recipe as written, then do variations the next time. So, consider adding: black pepper or a few shakes of Tabasco, maybe some herbs (my thyme is still alive), etc.

                                  Blue Cheese Crackers

                                  1 1/4 c flour
                                  1 c pecan pieces, toasted & cool
                                  1/2 c cold, unsalted butter, cut into 12 pieces
                                  6 oz cold blue cheese, crumbled or diced
                                  1 egg, separated

                                  In food processor: flour & pecans. Pulse until nuts are finely chopped. Add butter, blue cheese, pulsing until pea-sized clumps. Add egg yolk, pulse until dough forms.

                                  Press dough onto wax paper. Form into 2 10" logs. Freeze 30"-1'.

                                  Oven to 375. Put parchment onto large baking sheets.

                                  Cut logs into 1/4" slices. Lightly beat egg white, brush each cracker top. Prick w/ fork. Bake 13-15 min. Let cool. Store in airtight container. Makes 5-6 dozen.

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                                      We prefer lower-salt things, so the blue cheese added plenty for us. Definitely needed some peppery bite, though.

                                      1. re: pine time

                                        i was thinking the blue was salty on its own. i guess you'd have to taste test, depending on the cheese, good to know it needed some peppery punch.

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                                Love your ideas and combos for the rods, and the idea of brittle! So many neat brittles online these days.

                                All these great suggestions, but if it were me (and I were dealing with moving), I'd use something that I was not going to have to cook or bake or mix up, but only wrap in a pretty cello Baggie with colorful ribbon from Michael's or JoAnne"s. I love the Lindt truffles and the Ghirardelli chocolate squares. I'd love to receive an assortment of those in a pretty mug.

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                                  I second the home made peppermint sticks, but with a "crook" on the end. Home made candy canes!

                                2. Chocolate dipped pretzel rods with Christmas sprinkles!

                                    1. Midnight Rum Balls - but with bourbon instead of rum!

                                      1. Baci

                                        You can make them with peppermint and decorate them with mint leaves and red-hot-candies

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                                          peppermint and red hots?
                                          i'm trying to imagine that flavor combo.

                                          1. You could put ingredients in the mug (for cookies, brownies, etc.) and instructions on a pretty card along with it.

                                            1. hot chocolate!(placed in a bag of course!)place homemade hot chocolate mix and homemade marshmallows!

                                              1. Homemade hot chocolate mix in a pretty glassine bag. Also, pair it with one homemade jumbo marshmellow (use Ina Garten's recipe) also in a glassine bag.

                                                Tie up both with pretty satin ribbon.