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Dec 5, 2013 02:50 AM

Lunch near the Frick Museum?

Looking for a place to dine with an elderly, elegant aunt. Suggestions for a restaurant that won't break the bank?

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  1. Try Untitled at the Whitney Museum. Cafe Boulud also offers a lunch prix fixe: 2 courses for $37.00, 3 courses for $43.00.

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      1. re: Riverman500

        +1 for Cafe Boulud for your elegant aunt!

          1. re: MarieLuncheonette

            The noise level at Salumeria Rosi is impossible. I suggest Rouge Tomate.

            1. re: beaulieu

              ristorante rosi in UES isn't noisy at all. you're confusing it with its affiliated restaurant salumeria rosi in UWS which isn't anywhere near the frick...

              1. re: beaulieu

                Rouge Tomate is a nice place -not really near the Frick, though, and likely to, if not break the bank, then shake it.
                That said, I trust beaulieu knows that the Frick isn't near the UWS.

                1. re: beaulieu

                  Rouge Tomate is not very close to the Frick.

                  1. re: City Kid

                    Great place indeed.. Been there a few times and you cannot go wrong...

                    1. re: City Kid

                      Rouge Tomate probably not more than a 15 min easy walk from The Frick. Also Rouge Tomate on Savored so you can save on a meal too! And it's very good.

                      1. re: UES Mayor

                        I assume Kaz Waz haz come & gone, UES, but he did mention that his aunt was elderly and elegant -so a "15 min easy walk" for you may, in early wintery conditions, may be far less so for her.

                        1. re: UES Mayor

                          Agree that Rouge Tomate is not likely convenient for an elderly aunt "near the Frick museum," as requested. I ate at RT twice and felt it was a case of the "emperor's clothes": really overpriced with haughty service and a tiny portion of fish that tasted like it had not been seasoned at all. IMO a cold and uninviting place. Cafe Boulud or The Mark (haven't been to JoJo) would be a much better choice for an elegant aunt.

                  2. I'm a huge fan of The Mark. Lots of brunch and lunch options on their menu, just went before the Frick on Saturday.

                    1. Thank you all so much. My Aunt is very happy with the choices you've all been so kind to provide.

                      1. May I add JoJo? Jean Georges retaurant on 64th, 28$ prix fix lunch, terrific value.