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Dec 5, 2013 01:38 AM

[Liverpool] Seoul Love

Finally made it to this cafe style Korean on Bold Street. It was pre-theatre and i was on me tod, so just had a bowl of diabolical (in a good way) kimchi and a beef bibimbap. Which was fine, and generous with the ingredients, and the egg was perfect, but the bowl wasn't hot enough to get the rice crunchy on the bottom.

The soft drinks menu is extensive - had a very nice cold ginger tea.

Everybody else (who were all Asian) was having either hot pots or barbecues. The latter in particular looked very generous with the meats, though they do that annoying thing of charging separately for lettuce and spring onion and chilli. They have an intriguing 'splendid cephalomappa' option. I think that's a plant?

Will be back with reinforcements to try it out, and have a hankering for the nice looking spring onion pancakes and charcoal skewers.

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  1. Have been meaning to try this place for a while - keep us posted if/when you go back. Are they licensed?

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      1. We finally got to try this place last night, but the reason we went in was because I had confused your description of this with the review you wrote on Café de Pearl (it was months ago when I read them, so I was relying on my memory ...). So I was asking them for the Sichuan menu, and they really didn't know what I was on about. My confusion between the two places was compounded by the fact that the sign outside does say they serve Korean and Chinese food ...

        Anyway, we ended up ordering a few things, and it was pretty good. Lamb skewers were very good and while the lamb was cooked more than I would normally like, but it was tasty, tender and spicy. The chicken wing skewer was good too - and very spicy. We ordered "belly pork slice" which came as thin slices on a hot plate with onion, and iceberg lettuce to wrap it in with a sweetish paste and a chilli, cumin and nut condiment too spread/sprinkle over. It was tasty, and improved with the addition of a little soy sauce, but the pork was quite tough, which was a shame - my jaws felt like they had been put through their paces by the end. And finally we had the spicy squid - this was good and spicy with tender squid, but a bit sweet for my taste.

        We tried the Korean tea, which I didn't really like, had three beers between us and ordered two portions of rice. The bill came to £43. It was quite a lot of food, but we ate everything except for some of the rice. The beers cost £8-8.50 in total, so £34-35 wasn't bad value at all for two people.