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Dec 4, 2013 11:10 PM

Trial of Solerno Blood Orange liqueur as Margarita additive...

As per prior thread on Alt Orange liqueurs,

.... results follow for an Impromptu non-blind tasting of Solerno blood orange liqueur, straight and in a basic margarita.

Straight: pleasant. A bit dry and austere, but not in a bad way. There’s an “authenticness” to this that I appreciate, and a bit of uniqueness given the blood orange (presumably).

Tried in a simple margarita concoction: ½ milagro, ½ orange liqueur, and 30 drops fresh squeezed Persian lime juice:

A: De K 03: lush, round, delicious, viscous…

B: Solerno: a bit drier, less rich orangey.

Heads-up I definitely prefer the DeK03. However, when I mix the two, the Solerno brings a bit more orange authenticness to the drink… which makes me wonder about perhaps adding a splash of fresh OJ to a marg ??

Might the solerno do for the DeK03 what the Citronge does for it… add bite and edge? Will try. So I’m thinking, maybe 60% DeKO3, 20% citronge, 20% solerno?

Time will tell... will experiment with these in the coming weeks to see if any improvement can be made vs. my benchmark margarita recipe of earlier this year.

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  1. Preliminary results of perfect margarita enhancement:

    Blended a batch of my palate-perfect margarita
    Tequila mix: 60% milagro, 20% corzo, 20% tesoro
    Orange liqueur mix: 75% De-K O3, 25% Citronge
    Lime: 50-50 persian and key
    Agave nectar

    In one glass poured the above, in another added Solerno to the Orange liqueur mix: 50% De-K, 25% Citronge, 25% solerno...

    Although I love the basic mix, the Solerno really adds a dimension of popping and lingering semi-tart orange that I really like. Haven't quite got the mix percents down perfectly, but on the first tasting, solerno definitely earns a spot in the mix.