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Dec 4, 2013 10:58 PM

where to dine alone in Rome this weekend?

I'll be in Rome unexpectedly for work this weekend, and I don't know a soul there. Can anyone suggest a few very delicious places where I won't look too pitiable if I'm eating by myself? Maybe a place where one can eat at the bar (or is that just something we do in New York)? Foodwise my priority is stuff that is wonderful and typically Roman, whether high, low, or in the middle. Place can be a dive or a temple just so long as the focus is what's on the plate. Any advice would be much appreciated. I'm staying on the Via Veneto, by the way; the recommendation of a place where I could walk for dinner Saturday would be lovely....

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  1. You don't have to worry about dining alone, it is perfectly ok. Maybe bring along a smartphone ;) Eating at the bar is nonexistent here. As to where to eat, this forum is choc-full of recommendations and discussions about all kinds of dining options, do read through them a bit. Here are a few to start:

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      Thanks for these--helps me to have a bit of a distillation. If you had a friend in town from New York who was serious about food and wanted a real encounter with Roman food, what three places would you take him?

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        Just 3 of my favorites in Rome.

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          Checchino and Piperno yes, but I'd have them do some homework first to know what they were eating.

          Agata e Romeo, best for upscale versions of traditional pastas. NB they lowered prices and reduced frou-frous this year. Not all guidebooks will reflect this.