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Dec 4, 2013 08:11 PM

Best Times Square restaurant.

Relatives from London are coming over tomorrow, and will need to take them out for a tour. I'll be taking them to Rockefeller Center and Times Square just for tomorrow. Been to Carmine plenty of times want to try something else. Kind of in a budget and it 4 of us, so nothing more than 15-20$ per person plate.

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  1. At those prices?? In that part of town?

    Best bet is to head a bit south to Koreatown and try a place like Pocha 32.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      40$ a plate then Is the highest I'll go with

      1. re: ipsedixit

        Come on, there are a lot of places you can eat at that price range too.
        He can do Chinese, Thai, pizza or even some hamburger spots.
        I wonder if he/she is talking about lunch or dinner though...

        1. re: Monica

          In the mood for some Thai.But I only know two locations one in uws,and in chelsea area. also itll be at night around 9PM

          1. re: hellodominick


            here is a little guide that may help you.
            Pam real thai listed here is a pretty solid spot for Thai.

            1. re: hellodominick

              Go to Pure Thai

              Here's another area source I like and follow religiously...


            2. re: Monica

              Right, how could I forget McDonalds. :-)

              1. re: ipsedixit

                I hope you felt the evil eyes I just gave you.

                1. re: ipsedixit

                  Actually will be bringing them to Sushi Den instead..

                1. I am about to endanger my CH credibility but I recommend John's Pizzeria on West 44th.

                  I took a group of 16 Central Europeans there in October. We were constrained by money and location but I read enough good things so I figured it was worth a shot. We ordered a bunch of pizzas for the table and it turned out to be a winner.

                  The toppings, and there are a ton of them, are fresh and terrific and the sauce is well made. The only negative is that the crust tended to be soft. This wasn't much of an issue for my guests since they were all eating their slices with a knife and fork but I missed the crispness. Later I did some more research and found that this problem can be fixed by asking for extra crispy crust. The servers get the request regularly and the kitchen knows how to handle it.

                  Service was first rate - we were a large table but the server was really attentive. The pies are big and no one left hungry. The price was really reasonable - less that $20 per person with tax and tip and some soft drinks. (Alcohol was handled separately - we couldn't get reimbursed for that.)

                  There's only one concern - John's only takes reservations for big groups of 16 or more. With a reservation we had no problem at 8:00PM on a Friday night but the waiting area was jammed with people. I suggest you go at an off peak time. There's a bar in the waiting area so you won't be thirsty.

                  Yes, there are better pizza places in the city but you asked for one near Times Square that was comparatively cheap. John's fits the bill and it's surprisingly good. Londoners will love it.

                  One more time - ask for extra crispy.


                  1. If you really want to do something interesting get the heck out of TS!!!
                    Hop on the subway and head down to Chinatown and have a feast for less than $20pp.
                    Hit Jing Fong for Dim Sum. They will be impressed and amazed.
                    If they like their cocktails head over to Lantern's Keep for a classy liquid dinner.