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Dec 4, 2013 06:27 PM

Merveilleux pastries in Brussels

Just heard a great report on PRI's The World about a Belgian pastry chef who opened a shop in NYC specializing in Merveilleux pastries, which the story reports originated in Belgium:

I will be in Brussels in a few weeks and I'd love to try them there. Any ideas on good places to go? Are they ubiquitous and likely to be found in any pastry shop? A google search didn't turn up too much information.

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  1. Wittamer on the Sablon would be a good place to start. Debailleul's pastries are great and are widely available - which is just as well since their only outlet is on the slightly remote Rue de Ganshoren.
    But really Brussels has many great patisssier shops - no middle class residential could function without several. Just follow your eyes.
    Be aware that there is no dignified way to eat a merveilleux.