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Dec 4, 2013 05:39 PM

Jean Georges Wine and Late Reservation Help!

Over the years, I've been to JG over 20x for lunch, but am heading over with my girlfriend for dinner for the first time (Christmas!) and am looking for some of your expert timing and wine advice.

We are having dinner on Christmas night at 10:45 pm, and I'm wondering if anyone else has had experience with going through the tasting menus at that time of night? Did you feel rushed? Did you leave after 1am?

Also, I've seen surprisingly little recent information on wine pairings at JG. Anyone have any tips on this front? Thinking about splitting a wine pairing...might they do that? Last time I did a 7+ course wine pairing, I didn't remember my meal at all the next day.


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  1. You can't share from the same glass?

    Not at JG, but other places I've been, when it wasn't with my gf, they didn't have problem splitting wines into two glass.

    1. Why not just call and ask about splitting a wine pairing?

      1. Talk with your Somm; tell him/her exactly what you would like to do, for instance, tell them you would only like 3 (or 4 or whatever) glasses of wine to cover the entire meal, it will mean they'll need to possibly get creative and come up with wines that can bridge courses but we have had excellent results when we've requested this of an accomplished Sommelier.

        1. JG is one of our favorites in the city, both for lunch and dinner, and we've been there more times than I can count (and will be going back this weekend, actually). To answer your first question, yes, your meal if you order the tasting menu will go until at least 1am. And no, you will not be rushed. Secondly, JG has a new(ish) sommelier, and we really noticed the difference in the wines with our last pairing. Everything went very well with each dish, and she introduced us to wines that we were not familiar with. Not the usual suspects, and it was a decided improvement. They will be happy to split a wine pairing for you, and that is what I suggest to really show off the talents of the new sommelier. I really don't think you will be disappointed!

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            Thanks for edwardspk and Spiritchaser.

            edwardspk: Let me know how your weekend dinner goes and, if you get the wine pairing, what you think of it. Have you sat down for a dinner at JG after 10pm?

            One significant concern I forgot to mention is that while my partner loves seafood, I can't have any. We'll see how the sommelier splits a wine pairing with the radical differences in our courses!

            1. re: andyhao

              Dinner and wines were great! One thing to note, though, is that of the 6 savory courses in both the Jean-Georges tasting menu and the Autumn tasting menu, 3 are seafood. Of course, they're very good about working around allergies, so that shouldn't be an issue for you. But you'd really test the sommelier to split a pairing that tries to match both seafood and non-seafood dishes at the same time. Perhaps instead of the full pairing, you might have better luck ordering half-glasses of wine to share for the dishes you have in common, then possibly each get your own half-glasses for the courses you have that are different. Would be a little more wine than just splitting one wine pairing - but not as much as each of you having a pairing. Just a thought.

            2. re: edwardspk

              My husband and I dined at Jean Georges last night and had the 7 course Christmas dinner. We were part of the 10:45 seating. While the food was reasonably good, the pacing of the meal was incredibly off. We were definitely rushed through the 6 courses in 90 minutes! Then our coffees and desserts were placed on the table before we had finished off our bottle of wine! The bill followed shortly after before we were finished with dessert. I understand it was Christmas and the staff may have been in a hurry to finish up but then don't make yourself to be open that late! I don't think I will be returning.

              1. re: deabot

                I wish you had said something to the manager as you were being rushed. No restaurant can afford to turn off customers, and I can't imagine that was their intention. This is not par for their course.