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Dec 4, 2013 05:38 PM

McDonalds poutine

Anyone tried it? I'm looking for some opinions?

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  1. Years ago…it sucked.

    Aside from sauce and curd issues the fries are just not right. i'm a fan of McD's fries…just not in a poutine.

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    1. re: grandgourmand

      Yeah, they're fries taste very good on their own, but its not the style of fry that works well in a poutine. That said, the addition of gravy is a welcome sight any restaurant.

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          1. re: disgusti

            disgusti, you clever foodie. Thanks for all your insight. What a genius idea. I took your advice!

            First thing I noticed was that it was small. At $5.50 (with extra cheese), it's usual McDonald's value was average at best. The fries are great. The gravy wasn't bad. A bit too tomatoey for my liking but a decent effort. Considering most classic Quebec poutineries use chemical packets for their gravy (including Paul Patates & Fromagerie Lemaire), McDonald's obviously tested the heck outta theirs. The curds were obviously not squeeky but were fresh. They are cut small, which fits with the thin fries and small box. I actually liked this offering. I still think Swiss Chalet is the ultimate chain poutine but clap clap, good job McDicks.

            1. re: food face

              Yours at least looks half decent - someone on another forum posted this horrific pic today


              1. re: duckdown

                No fries should ever look that pale... Ew

                1. re: duckdown

                  Hahahaha, the fries look morbid. Death bed french fries.

                  1. re: food face

                    LOL. Couldn't have said it better.

                    Why is it all so PALE!

                2. re: food face

                  "Considering most classic Quebec poutineries use chemical packets for their gravy (including Paul Patates & Fromagerie Lemaire)"

                  that's bullshit at least re: paul patates

                  1. re: frogsteak

                    Sadly it's not Frogsteak. Am a huge fan, a regular and know the staff. Was there recently and had to straight up ask them as my other Chow Hound was vegetarian. If you think they are making it from scratch, you are wrong. Still a great poutine, but not a scratch sauce.

                    1. re: food face

                      that's too bad - i am pretty sure they used to make it from scratch. i believe there have been some ownership changes.

              2. I'm with Food Face - the first thing that struck me was the serving's smallness given the price. Taste OK - would be better if option for bacon and chicken was given (which, after all, they have on hand for burgers and salads). Better than KFC imho.

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                1. re: Bigtigger

                  you want chicken mcnuggets in your poutine?

                  ahhhh why did i move to ontario?

                  1. re: frogsteak

                    The chicken they use for the salads and some of the sandwiches (but not the McChicken) is an actual chicken breast, not the reconstituted chicken slurry they use to create the McNuggets. FYI.

                    1. re: Michael N

                      ah I hadn't realized that mcdonalds only recently added poutine to their menu in ontario. i am from quebec where it is the norm. surely once the novelty wears out you will realize that it is god awful.

                    1. re: Bigtigger

                      It's probably less fries than a small. And the box is about the same size as a their square Big Mac box. Come on McDicks, we know you can afford to give a proper portion of poutine!!! Yea, you would think their would be an addition of protein. There's certainly no shortage on hand. Even Mcnugget's on poutine, I'd probably try it. Only live once. LOL.