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Bistro on Jane

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558 Jane at Page.
Across from the school

I stopped, had a look , but they were closed.
Looked like a diner,- eggs - burgers- soup- but it promised good food.

Has anybody tried the place?

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  1. bump - drove by this place today and am also wondering. Seems they do the burger fry thing, but they also advertise soups, crepes etc....anyone been?

    1. http://www.yelp.ca/biz/j-and-c-bistro...


      There are some reviews there :)

      1. Menu looks really interesting, on my TDL

        1. Worthwhile if you are in the area. A good place to take children.
          I stopped off for a red bean soup and burger plate, coconut "muffin".
          A friendly owner. She is Polish, been here 25 years. Originally a fashion designer. Her husband is Spanish and his work has been essentially as a restaurant manager for large hotels and the like.
          She told me that she was a fashion designer working in Toronto. Her job disappeared as part of the disappearance of the Canadian needle trades. She was living in Orangeville at the time and opened a breakfast-lunch restaurant there. After six years they moved back to Toronto and opened this place.
          The menu is breakfast –lunch Canadian diner, short but with interesting additional items- boar, crocodile, kangaroo burgers, pierogies, cabbage borscht, crepes.
          The food that I had was excellent diner fare; with a bit of flair, but not “ethnicized”. The standard is good home cooking; as much as reasonably possible was house made, but I think that the cook is capable of much more. The food may be a bit plain- “Canadian”- but it is a pleasure to go to a place that gives you a good burger plate (burger, house made fries, coleslaw) without pretence and at a reasonable price ($10).
          The coconut “muffin” was gluten free and delicious.
          Décor is newly created old diner and comfy.
          There is a cheaper priced students’ menu before 4pm for children. I don't remember details, call them, 416 767 5579.