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Dec 4, 2013 04:40 PM

Bistro on Jane

558 Jane at Page.
Across from the school

I stopped, had a look , but they were closed.
Looked like a diner,- eggs - burgers- soup- but it promised good food.

Has anybody tried the place?

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  1. bump - drove by this place today and am also wondering. Seems they do the burger fry thing, but they also advertise soups, crepes etc....anyone been?

      1. Menu looks really interesting, on my TDL

        1. Worthwhile if you are in the area. A good place to take children.
          I stopped off for a red bean soup and burger plate, coconut "muffin".
          A friendly owner. She is Polish, been here 25 years. Originally a fashion designer. Her husband is Spanish and his work has been essentially as a restaurant manager for large hotels and the like.
          She told me that she was a fashion designer working in Toronto. Her job disappeared as part of the disappearance of the Canadian needle trades. She was living in Orangeville at the time and opened a breakfast-lunch restaurant there. After six years they moved back to Toronto and opened this place.
          The menu is breakfast –lunch Canadian diner, short but with interesting additional items- boar, crocodile, kangaroo burgers, pierogies, cabbage borscht, crepes.
          The food that I had was excellent diner fare; with a bit of flair, but not “ethnicized”. The standard is good home cooking; as much as reasonably possible was house made, but I think that the cook is capable of much more. The food may be a bit plain- “Canadian”- but it is a pleasure to go to a place that gives you a good burger plate (burger, house made fries, coleslaw) without pretence and at a reasonable price ($10).
          The coconut “muffin” was gluten free and delicious.
          Décor is newly created old diner and comfy.
          There is a cheaper priced students’ menu before 4pm for children. I don't remember details, call them, 416 767 5579.