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Dec 4, 2013 04:22 PM

Homemade coucous?

A lot of chowhounds make their own pasta and noodles. Has anybody ever made homemade couscous?

I'm lucky, I grew up with a father who made the Hungarian tarhonya, also known as, "egg barley: or "pearl noodles", whenever we had a pot of broth/stock simmering from the carcass of a roasted chicken or turkey.

To me, making those noodles is second nature. Just take some flour and some eggs, a bit of salt and mix to the right texture, maybe a bit of water if needed. Grate by hand on a box grater and leave out to dry on kitchen towels.

I am wondering if anybody has a similar technique for making couscous? It is a pasta, it has been used by certain cultures for many years, what is the traditional method for making it from scratch??

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  1. Too much of a pain with very little difference in flavor and texture

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      Thank you! I might try it, just because "I can". I also make most of the pasta that we eat from scratch and most of the bread or baked sweets. I make butter, yogurt, buttermilk, cheese and milk kefir from raw cow or goat milk. Just because I can....

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        I've seen pictures of North African women rubbing the semolina water mixture between their hands to form the little grains.
        Fregola is a similar Italian pasta - semolina flour is slowly moistened, and the resulting balls are sifted out.

      2. Hey speinghaze2
        This is sporadic gourmet.. I wasn't sure if you were likely to still be on thanksgiving thread so I hope you will see this here. I just wanted to thank you.. Stonybrook found it!! I had a couple significant ingredient & process memory losses but I was correct about magazine and era. I made not one but TWO rounds of it while home w family on west coast for holiday and everybody loved - just can't thank you enough!