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Dec 4, 2013 04:01 PM

RiverWalk: Need TWO great restaurants for business dinners

Greetings! I am staying at the Mokara Hotel on the RiverWalk and have been challenged to find TWO great restaurants within walking distance to the hotel.

Requirements: Great food, Fun or slightly fancy atmosphere, not touristy/chain.

Thank you!

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  1. Haven't been there in some years, but in the past, I've really enjoyed Boudro's.

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    1. re: Steve Green

      Funnish, I second Boudro's and also Paesono's. Fancy, check out Bill Hunt's review of Las Canarias.

      1. re: James Cristinian

        Great ideas....thank you. I have also had people recommend going to the two following places:

        1. Pearl Brewery, and specifically to the Grannary Cue.
        2. Tower of the Americas for cocktails at the bar

        Any reactions?

        1. re: scooter260

          Whatever you do, DON"T EAT AT THE TOWER...if you want the view, just do the bar (even though Brooklynite, Bohanans and Esquire are much better bars). Not sure you want to walk (or river taxi) to the Pearl if it's cold out, though I'd certainly recommend it in nice weather, not more than 1.5 miles (if that) along the riverwalk. Other highly recommended places at/very near the Pearl:
          Arcade, Nao, Boiler House, Sandbar, Sogno, Minnies, Tuk-tuk taproom

    2. On an expense account? Go to Bohanan's, local, high-end steakhouse. Anything directly on the riverwalk is going to be very touristy.
      Pearl Brewery restaurants are great, but not walking distance. Haven't been to the Granary, but love Nao, Il Sogno, Sandbar, La Gloria. Had a great dinner at TukTuk Taproom the other night, near the Pearl on Broadway.

      1. Bella on the RIver is fun.
        Biga on the Banks is probably the best food.
        The Fig Tree/Boudro's/Citrus/ Luke I would also recommend. None are chains, thank goodness!

        1. +1 on Bohanan's rec if you're on an expense account. Atmospherics also good at Biga and restaurant Gwendolyn. Have recently had two excellent dinners at Kimura (sit at the serving bar).
          All have websites for more info.