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Dec 4, 2013 03:47 PM

Weekend Lunch

I'll be coming to Boston mid-February for a weekend, Not sure where I'll be staying yet, but definitely in the center of town. I'm looking for lunch places that actually serve lunch on Saturdays/Sundays and NOT brunch. Preferably at a restaurant, could be a cafe, but nothing like grab and go or fast food. I'm open to all kinds of cuisine, price isn't much of a concern, and I'm willing to travel as far as Cambridge.

Been to Boston 3 times, this will be my 4th and you guys have a great food scene [this coming from a New Yorker!]

Thanks for all your help!

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  1. Fancy? Ethnic? Expensive? Give us a clue.

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    1. re: teezeetoo

      I don't mind ethnic, could be fancy, and max $40-$50 including tax. Probably won't drink.

    2. Ok, if you are in the Back Bay, 3 options are La Voile (classic French bistro), Bistro du Midi (modern French/Mediterranean bistro), Salty Pig (specializing in charcuterie). South End, try Toro (think fabulous tapas) or Myers and Chang (fusion, hip Asian). Cambridge is a little tougher for Saturday lunch: Abigail and Russell House Tavern serve lunch I think but do doublecheck everything because I'm going by memory. Chinatown, of course, has lots of options, including Winsor Café, Xian Xian, and Best Little. There's also always the luxe experience of lunch at L'Espalier if they serve on Saturdays (they do serve lunch weekdays).

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        Is Coppa open for lunch? Another great restaurant in the Spth End.

        1. re: viperlush

          love coppa but I don't think its open for Saturday lunch

        2. re: teezeetoo

          Wow thanks for all the great recommendations. I'm leaning toward La Volle or Bistro du Midi. The rest all seem to have brunch menus for the weekend. Brunch drives me nuts, long lines, subpar food, less than stellar service, etc.

          We have Toro here in NYC, they just opened and I've already been to Russell House Tavern, which was amazing.

          1. re: AquaAllegoria

            FWIW, Boston doesn't generally have the brunch lines you get in New York.

            1. re: mkfisher

              And there are some pretty great brunch spreads here.