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Dec 4, 2013 03:41 PM

Dim Sum @ Yangtze Restaurant

Anyone been lately--how was it?

A group of us are thinking of going on xmas day. Pr'y need to get there early to avoid waiting forever.

Does anyone know if they'll do separate checks?

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  1. Was there 2 weeks ago. OK for Minnesota. I think they don't care about the checks as long as you don't want to split everything. they seem to be OK putting what you got on whatever check is handy. 10:30 no wait 10:45, 45 min wait

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    1. re: ibew292

      Sorry, I'm not clear on what you mean... "don't care about the checks" and "as long as you don't want to split everything" seem to be saying the opposite thing.

      1. re: Enso

        I think they will give you as many tickets for the table as you want. I don't think they would split individual plates. One would need to pay for a whole plate. Why not one check and split it?

        1. re: ibew292

          I don't get the "separate checks" thing. A lot of people I know do it. To me, it's annoying and unnecessary work for the staff.

          1. re: foreverhungry

            Yangtze automatically adds in a tip, I think a little extra annoying work doesn't hurt.

    2. I was there Sunday at 11:30. It was good, really busy, larger groups had to wait (they had quite a few tables of 6+) so maybe call ahead?
      My suggestion would be to have everyone bring cash and contribute equally, all dishes get passed around.

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      1. re: meljohns

        Two of the group won't be passing dishes, or taking many due to some food allergies. And I'm guessing don't want the socialization enough to underwrite some very hearty eaters.

        A chacun son gout, eh?