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Dec 4, 2013 03:23 PM

Bahamas in February....where to eat?

Going to Atlantis for a work trip in February. We have a few open nights for dinner and am looking for recommendations in the resort or even better, away from the resort!
The chowhound posts are pretty old but it sounds like Cafe Matisse is a must. Appreciate any other recommendations!

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  1. We had a lovely lunch at the Graycliff and they gave us a private tour of their wine cellar. It really is a special place I would recommend it.

    1. Hi Amyh,

      Sorry I am just getting to this, but I hope that I am in time to give you some good recs.

      Matisse is definitely a must - try to get a table in the courtyard if the weather is nice. They have patio heaters, in case it is colder than you like. :-)

      If you are staying at Atlantis, there is Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill, and Nobu, and Todd English's Olives. All spot on choices, but not anything particularly spectacular. If you are up to spending a bit more money, Dune at One & Only Ocean Club has a fabulous view - especially around Sunday Brunch!

      I have never been, but have heard that the Columbus Tavern just before Ocean Club Estates is really good.

      In town, Friday and Saturday nights are often quite busy at Van Breugels Not specifically local food, but good food, and good atmosphere.

      Of course, nothing beats Green Parrot's outdoor on PI - the original. Good food, but nothing fancy, and live music on the weekends.

      Tell me more about the kind of meals you are looking for, and perhaps I can give you more specific suggestions. That said, Matisse is definitely a must.