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Dec 4, 2013 03:16 PM

Favorite paleo chicken breast recipe please!


During the warmer/brighter months, chicken breast gets grilled outside. Now that it's colder and getting dark ridiculously early, I have no idea what to do with chicken breast. What are some of your favorite paleo friendly recipes for chicken breast?

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  1. Not fancy but I frequently will season chicken with any number of seasonings, in fact I often use chicken as a backdrop to try out a new seasoning or spice I've discovered, and serve with sauteed mushrooms. Mix up the herbs, deglaze with different wines and you can add a lot of variety. Also simple compound butters which are usually reserved for other types of meat work just as well on chicken.

    1. Are you Wed to breasts?
      I like thighs much better
      Make a curry with a coconut milk sauce

      Broil them with paprika and lemon

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        I prefer thighs but am looking for recipes for breast. The only pastured and organic poultry I can find are whole chickens, chicken thighs (with skin and bone) and boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Once in a rare while there's chicken bones and chicken livers. I'm pretty good at deboning the thighs, but many week nights it would be nice to take the breasts, do some minimal processing and cook something delicious with them.

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          You can do my suggestions with breasts

      2. one of my all-time favorite recipes period: look for buffalo greek caesar salad. not in their cookbook. i make this, and add radish cubes in for extra crunch. my whole family LOVES this recipe. easy. fast. delicious. paleo. done...

        1. I never follow exact recipes but I've done riffs on these and they're always good:

          Other ideas:
          Mediterranean chicken salad with olives, capers, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts & red onion, dressed with a vinaigrette of olive oil & sherry vinegar instead of mayo.

          Stuffed chicken breasts - feel free to incorporate cheese if you're primal, otherwise just use a mixture of sautéed minced/diced vegetables like mushrooms, spinach and sun-dried tomatoes...and bacon is always good!

          Tandoori-style chicken breasts marinated in coconut milk (or yogurt if primal).