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Should I keep it?

Found a 10-cup Zojirushi rice cooker at a thrift store for $5 so I bought it. It's not one of those really technical ones - it's just "on" or "keep warm". So I tried it the other night and it was fine. But really - I already have a simple National rice cooker that does pretty much the same thing. Is there a good reason for me to ditch the National in favour of the Zojirushi? Can it do anything that my regular rice cooker can't do? It's SO bulky - almost the size of a breadmaker - takes up a lot of kitchen real estate. I don't know what I was expecting but it seems to be just, well, a rice cooker.

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  1. I think you answered your own question: you don't think it's worth the extra space it takes up. Just because it's supposedly better than the smaller one you have doesn't mean it's better for your particular purposes.

    1. If you're not regularly making that much rice, I'd ditch it. If you've got the space, though, I might squirrel it away for those infrequent occasions you need to pull it out.

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        I'm with Hobbert -- if you have storage area, just pack it away and pull out for large gatherings and for the eventual failure of the current model. Rice cookers tend to live hundred-year redwood lifespans though, so if it's clutter, gift to a friend.

      2. National is almost as equally a well respected company so there likely won't be much difference for the simple machines.

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            "it is up to you."

            cee kay, you cracked me up with that.

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                But I wanted someone else to decide for me! This is no fair.

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                  Seriously though, you know better than anyone of us here.

                  1) You have these two rice cookers (Zojirushi vs National). The actual two rice cookers. You have better hands-on experience than anyone here.

                  2) You know your own preference and priority better than anyone of us could.

                  I refrained from commenting because I just don't see how I can possibility offer anything that you don't already know.

                  If it is up to me, then I will give the 10-cup Zojirushi away because 10-cup is too large for me. The only advantage I can see with a 10-cup rice cooker (for me) is to use it to make congee/rice porridge, but I almost never make my congee is a rice cooker, so that is not even an issue for me.


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                    I don't usually ask questions like this because you're right, its often really just a personal choice matter. This time I asked because Zojirushi as a brand seems to get such love on this board and I wondered if I was somehow unaware of some wonderful feature that would tip the scale. If it could do something that my other rice cooker could not - something that I actually want it to do - or if it really makes superior cooked rice, I would be willing to give it the space it demands. But if its just basically the same as what I already have, only much bulkier, then never mind. I'll stash it in the appliance warehouse to give to one of my kids or use when my National dies. Theyre both 10-cup machines, so thats a non-issue.

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                      ask it if it does windows….

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                              It is good that you still remember about MS-DOS.

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                                  <Yes. I am that old.>

                                  I was surfing MS-DOS on wikipedia and read this

                                  "In 2011, MS-DOS is still used in some enterprises to run legacy applications, such as this US Navy food service management system."

          2. I'd keep it. My regular rice cooker is a 6-cupper (I think), and there are times (maybe once a year) when it's not big enough. If I lucked into a 10-cupper as you have, I'd store it somewhere (hopefully some place I'll remember!) for that once a year opportunity. If, OTOH, your National is also a 10-cup cooker, I don't see much need for it.

            1. Hmmm. So I guess I'm going to put it in my Kids' Appliance Warehouse - the basement. I can't resist a good piece of cheap (or sometimes free) kitchen equipment, even if I already have one. I just stash away for the kids. I think I'll keep using the rice cooker I have - it's less bulky and probably just as good for plain old rice. Both are 10-cup size, so that's not a factor.

              1. Got a garage? Or an attic? A basement maybe? A back-up machine as insurance in case one of them blows up, or is stolen, or just in case you're nominated as the designated rice maker for a church pot luck social for 500 or so people that only costs you five bucks? I think you're working hard to try to make this a problem... '-)

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                  It's not a problem. I'm putting it with the two mini cuisinarts, stand-alone meat grinder, garage sale Champion juicer, miscellaneous handcrafted ceramic bowls and back-up Imperial pasta machine in the basement. Because you just never know.

                2. Well, depending on how much rice you make/eat I would probably keep it. My wife and I have two 5-cup rice makers (one Zojirushi and the other another brand... both directly from Japan though) and we often have to employ both at once so we would definitely get use out of a ten cupper! Of course, my wife is Japanese so that means a lot of rice in the house. I'm not familiar with the National brand, so I couldn't really help you out with a comparison.

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                    National = Panasonic and seems to be regarded almost as good as zoji or tiger. My in-law are a national only family and I presently use a national rice cooker. Not that I would notice the difference anyways.

                  2. Is it something you can use for your soup kitchen meals? Perhaps in conjunction with your older one?

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                      Probably not, but that was a good thought. When we prepare meals, we're feeding 120+ so a 10 cup wouldn't come anywhere close to what we would need. My standard rice recipe is a somewhat Spanish rice thing that I bake in large catering pans - I usually start with about 18 cups uncooked rice.