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Aug 31, 2005 04:32 PM

[DFW] Campania Pizza - Best in Dallas?

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After reading the entry on T.Gubbins "news you can eat" Blog about Campania Pizza, I decided to give it a try at lunch today.

It is on the exterior of the new Mondrian building on the corner of Blackburn and McKinney in the Uptown area. It is the first storefront to open as most are still under construction.

As reported in the Blog, they do have a young man from Italy consulting and making the pizza. Additionally, all of the ingredients are imported from Italy.

They are just getting settled in, but the pizza was fanatastic. If you are in the area, I definitely recommend giving it a try.

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  1. Gave it a try.

    The Good: The thin crusts (made to order) are crisp, sauce is light, toppings are fairly fresh and (in most instances) don't totally overwhelm the pizza, and the wait is short (because when I went there during the peak of lunch hour, there was no one else there).

    The Not-so-good: They've got a lot of kinks to work out. There were three adults there "managing," with just one frazzled Italian kid (who looked under 20) who spoke little English making all the pizzas. Someone I was with ordered two "slices" at $1.99 each and ended up getting an entire pizza. That would ordinarily fall in the "good" category, except that I ordered a medium pizza (just under $11) and it came out the same size as my dining companion's two "slices." They don't have a wood-burning oven (which puts them a step behind some of the competition just a stone's throw away). With cheese and olive oil, some of the pizzas can be on the greasy side. Though the "slices" turned out to be a good value, the medium pizza came out near the same pricepoint as, for instance, Fireside Pies or Taverna (i.e., premium pricing). And the place looks and feels like a chain concept (which, in Dallas, may prove to be a virtue).

    Pretty good pizza place, in all. But I wouldn't say "best in Dallas."


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      Tried it. I'm a second generation Italian. Raised in NY. The pizza was excellent. However, I don't know that I would hurry back any time soon. Very cramped "dinning room." The menu is way too limited. This place is for Take Out only, IMO. But the pizza, La pizza migliore in Dallas.

      1. re: Dominic

        Dominic writes, "Very cramped 'dining room.'"

        According to the sign on the wall, maximum occupancy for the space is 17. Cramped indeed. (There are a few tables outside, though, if you want to breathe exhaust on McKinney.)


        1. re: Scott

          Wouldn't the outside tables -- exhaust, noise, heat -- simply make it more authentic? Sounds like Rome to me!

          1. re: Scott

            I have been going to Pazzo! WoodFired Pizza for at least 2 years now...I think the Campania copied them...from the pizza to the mosaic tiles.


      2. Pazzo is kinda far for me, but I used to go there when up that way. I didn't think it was any better than Taverna though.


        1. Went there last night - I forgot how really good they are. Service was much friendlier and faster than I ever remember.

          Also forgot how good the tuna salad with fresh mozzarella was.

          The pizza was amazing. Perfect crust - not too thick or thin. Nothing was greasy. Anchovies were salty without having that overwhelming "fishy" smell that annoys everyone else at the table.

          For the dessert, had the Nutella pizza for the first time. Good lord - I now wish I did not know that this exists.

          We brought some of our own good wine and had an amazing meal.

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            This sounds good! We will try Pazzo soon...