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Dec 4, 2013 01:20 PM

Arthur Avenue restaurants

What are the remaining good restaurants on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx - and - are there any to really avoid? I haven't been up there in years and years but want to go after a visit to the Botanical Gardens next week.

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  1. I like Dominick's. The meatballs are really good, but really big.
    I am not a fan of the highly rated Roberto's.

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    1. re: foodwhisperer

      I too was underwhelmed by Roberto's. Maybe I ordered wrong, maybe it was the over hype as THE place to go on AAVE. It just fell completely flat. So never returned. Time to head back to the zoo!

        1. re: jarona

          I'm glad to see all the love for Domenicks for a change. They really are the most dependable, with lots to choose from for every palate.

      1. This is what my caterer friend from that area recommends when she's out noshing or dining in the Bronx: Arthur Avenue: Antonio's Trattoria (2370 Belmont Ave); Miles Deli (great sandwiches, esp eggplant parm); Trattoria Zero Otto Nove (2357 Arthur Ave) great pizzas; Roberto's (603 Crescent Ave) Italian/fresh pasta. All are not far from NY Botanical Gardens -- so a good after-gardens dining list. (Check hours and days closed.)

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        1. re: LARosen

          I second Trattoria Zero Otto Nove. Same owner as Roberto's (ridiculously overpriced) and less than half the price.

          1. re: wolmania

            Hey - I am the friend that made those recommendations for Lrosen - that's Mike's Deli - We love noshing salami and bread from the stores as well.

            Zero Nove Otto - is actually our top pick for sitdown !

        2. We love Pasquale's Rigoletto's!