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Dec 4, 2013 11:53 AM

Où sont les Saved Threads d'antan ?

I was alerted to this disappearance by several hounds on the France board.
The thread below, started my Mangeur, is my fave thread of all times. It is very iinformative about eating and lodging outside Paris, with the kind of addresses that one can't get from guides.
I therefore "saved" it, or so I thought.
All saved threads have disappeared.
Has any of you been informed ? I have not.
Those of you who were so privileged as to be told this move, could you tell me, like, why?
What is the improvement?
Where is the upside?
Or, why bother to make the effort to get rid of a useful feature?

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  1. Another "SAVED" thread that disappeared, the extremely informative report by Kurtis, a magnum opus on the eating scene in the Luberon.
    Does Chowhound have a new rule against informativeness, and I missed it ?

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    1. re: Parigi

      Not guilty.
      I only turn in my neighbors.
      As a cyber-challenged old guy, if I want to save something I print it (yes print it, as in on paper, thus furthering the destruction of the planet.)

      1. re: John Talbott

        Paper is a viable solution to many things. But when planning a trip, it is tremendously useful to be able to scroll through saved Chow threads and cut and paste information rather than shuffle through a ream of paper and make notes.

    2. This change was announced on September 26, 2103, on the Site Talk board. See link ( http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/9182... ) and scroll down to #7. There was a lot of discussion about this and at some point CH decided to save everyone’s saved posts—at least for a while. If you write to them at moderators@chowhound.com, they may be able to e-mail you a copy of the threads you had saved.

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      1. re: JoanN

        We've already sent Parigi's saved threads by email, but, yes, as JoanN noted, if anyone else is missing their saved threads, you can email us at moderators@chowhound.com and we can send you a list of them.

        1. re: The Chowhound Team

          This is very reassuring. But may we please, please have back a dedicated place on Chowhound to save these threads that are precious to us? They are seriously important in our lives.

          Many thanks.

          1. re: mangeur

            Here's another request to "have back a dedicated place on Chowhound to save these threads." (I do like some of the other recent changes -- but this particular one, it seems, goes in the wrong direction, for no apparent good reason.) -- Jake

            1. re: Jake Dear

              'no apparent good reason"
              Well, I suppose it saves space in the cloud.