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Dec 4, 2013 11:43 AM

Marinated Steak Tips- where to buy?

I am from northeast MA, and have lived in lakeland for almost 10 years now. One thing I really miss from MA is the marinated steak tips and boneless chicken we could buy from our local butcher. They would have like 10 different flavors available, and you could buy by the pound and take them home and throw them on the grill. SO good! Does anyone know if there is anywhere in tampa bay/orlando area that sells this?

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  1. The Meat House, a butcher shop and grocer in Winter Park (east and north of downtown Orlando, off I-4) has delicious marinated steak tips in four different flavors, and they'll even give you a free sample on your first visit.

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      Southern Steer Butcher on US19 in N. Clearwater sells a lot of marinated meat. In fact that what they have the most of in the shop.

    2. marinate your own! it's much cheaper and not difficult whatsoever, just takes a little foresight to plan your meals a day in advance!

      1. Do you have whole foods near you? Pricey but my mom swore by their marinated meats. She wintered Jupiter area and turned me on to them. We finally got one around here a few years ago and when I need a last minute dinner I really like their BBQ tips and asian chicken.