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Dec 4, 2013 10:47 AM

Great Barrington: The 528 open! also, ANOTHER new restaurant in GB, and The Gypsy Joynt is opening a night club?

drove by the 528 today and there is a sign out front declaring they were open...finally! will take my 8 year old soon for lunch...

across the street from bell & anchor ( prairie whale) ANOTHER new restaurant going up....they tore down the old run down building and are building all new. anyone have details?

I also heard the gypsy joint is opening a night club over by the kmart plaza where the car dealership used to be. interesting!!!!!

and...any new info on the old fiori/new place the winsted, ct bought?

looking forward to the asked us what restaurant we wanted a GC for...CAFE ADAM here we come.

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  1. Did try the 528 restaurant for lunch. The inside was pretty nice, it's always hard to disguise a former Friendly's but on the inside at least you wouldn't know it had been one.

    The menu is nothing exciting, standard sandwiches, burgers, etc. I don't think they are open for dinner. I had a maple-squash soup that was quite good, and a chicken sandwich that was fine, and potato salad was good too.

    Staff mostly seemed very friendly and helpful although my particular waitress was a bit grumpy. But the food came quickly and accurately so I didn't really care.

    First impression is that you wouldn't make a special trip there but if you are in town and need a low-key lunch you could do worse. No info on the other places you mentioned.

    1. We were in Great Barrington for Christmas. Dinners at Cafe Adam and Prairie Whale, lunch at The Diner.

      I love Cafe Adam. We had such a pleasant meal there. Good food, good service, warm atmosphere. the fried artichoke app is really tasty, if only they gave you a little bit more (a single heart, quartered and fried. I guess its fine for 1, but we wanted to share). The fried chickpeas were fun. My husband ordered the pork tenderloin and declared it the best pork dish he'd ever had.

      Prairie whale was also really good. I liked the fried chicken, in particular. We enjoyed the variety of craft beer available. The service is a little bit spotty. Not bad enough to ruin the meal or anything, but felt very disorganized...bringing meals at different times, bringing the wrong beer, things like that. but we enjoyed it and will definitely go back.

      We didn't get to the 528. My mom said she had lunch there and she said it wasn't great, but she would go back. She went very early, they weren't really up to speed yet and were missing things on the menu.

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        Thanks ChinaCat! I'm pretty local & I've made it to Prairie Whale, but not - strangely - to Cafe Adam. I'll make a point & post.