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Dec 4, 2013 10:39 AM

Acai bowls in SF?

I feel in love with acai bowls on my first trip to Hawaii and love getting them when I'm on the Islands, but they're sorrily lacking here in SF. Where in the city can I get an acai bowl?

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  1. Try Blue Hawaii Acai Cafe in 2 Embarcadero.

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    1. re: dordogne

      Thanks! Have you had their bowls? If so, what were your impressions?

      I've also found [via Yelp and Foursquare] that Pastel Do Brazil and Judahlicious have them as well. Anyone found them elsewhere (food trucks count)?

      1. re: LukeRB

        I haven't tried the bowls at Blue Hawaii; I usually opt for the more unhealthy choices in the area. But their online menu looks pretty good, though expensive (high rent neighborhood).

        1. re: dordogne

          It is expensive, especially considering the actual size of the bowls. I've joked about opening an acai bowl food cart; I wonder how much profit margin there is on a $10.95 large acai bowl…

      2. re: dordogne

        Not anywhere near as good as what you get in Hawaii. In my opinion.

        1. re: zamyatin

          Seriously. The pictures I've seen of the acai bowls at Blue Hawaii, Judahlicious and Pastel Brazil all look weak and inauthentic compared to what you get in Hawaii. My idea for an authentic acai bowl business is looking more promising by the day…

      3. Judahlicious in the Outer Sunset makes great ones.

        1. Pastel Do Brazil has them; I've never tried their bowl, so I can't speak to how good they are.

          1. Luke,

            I came across this thread and saw your idea about an açaí food truck in SF. I've been toying with the idea myself and I'm sure we're not alone. I'm researching the feasibility of actually doing it but I was wondering if you've investigated the idea any further?

            As to where to get good açaí bowls in SF, Judahlicious is all I've tried. Pretty good but still nothing like how they taste in Brazil.


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            1. re: jburling

              That's awesome, Jon! My fiancée and I would support an açaí food truck/cart, as I'm sure other healthy, active foodies would.

              While I only did preliminary research on the truck idea, I'm happy to help with questions you have.

              As for good açaí bowls in SF, I've found Blue Hawaii Açaí Cafe to have the best bowls in town. Judahalicious has a nice variation; It's on the icy side and lacks the tropical flavors I've grown accustomed to from great bowls in Hawaii.

              Best of luck in your idea exploration!

              1. re: LukeRB


                Thanks for your comment, message, and enthusiasm! I'm still seriously toying with the idea but apparently there are a couple trucks in the area that do serve açaí. Bowl'd Açaí ( and Mahalo Bowl ( are two I've found but have yet to try.

                You're on point that Judahalicious bowls are a bit too icey. I'll have to check out Blue Hawaii though and I'll certainly let you know if I need any açaí tasters in the future!



                1. re: jburling

                  Sounds great, Jon! Keep me posted if I can help or you need taste-testers :)

            2. So I have no idea what acai bowls are, but I just saw them on the menu at Oakland Juice and Co: