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Anyone check out Mei Mei brick and mortar yet?

Love the truck...Interested in hearing how it measures up table-side?

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  1. I popped in last week and got their scallion pancake egg sandwich which was gloriously delicious.

    The space is kinda groovy as well and the woman behind the counter was very nice.

    1. I've not yet been in for dinner, but the two lunches I've had so far were great. The food at lunch is very similar to what has been on the trucks, with the added benefit of fresher prep (for example, they're now able to deep fry the dumplings to order, something they couldn't do on the truck). It's a really bright, well-designed space. Hard to believe it used to be Giga's Pizza (and My Brother's Place, before that).

      Not yet made it in for dinner, though I've enjoyed popup dinners they've done in the past. Worth noting that their dinner is a "real" restaurant. Entrees have composed plating, and they're offering some sharable items in line with what can be found at places like West Bridge and Puritan. Personally, I'm most looking forward to trying their Kung Pao chicken dip -- a dish they offered at a popup at The Gallows that I plan to have served at my wedding. (Disclosure: My fiance and I are big fans of and have become friendly with the Li family. We've hired them to cater our wedding this Spring)

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        A friend had the pork chop, she wasn't there for the Popup dinner but mutual discussion led me to believe it was just as nuts as the pork chop they had at the Washington Popup

      2. I went there for lunch the other day and had a kale salad and the dumplings special (I think a stroganoff). In short: the food is good and interesting and it worth going.

        An oddity though: they used curly rather than dinosaur kale for the salad. I swore I'd had the salad with dino, which I much prefer. This was confirmed by yelp (see picture 10 on their page). Does anybody know whether my experience is abnormal?

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          they have an almost-cultish insistence on using local produce from vendors they know. Smaller farms are subject to flux in supply for any number of reasons. They adjust menu items like the kale salad as needed to accommodate for that. I'm guessing that's what happened here.

        2. Went in on Friday night and was pleased to find there were some tables available. My DC and I got seated right away and the service was friendly and attentive.

          No liquor license yet, so we had hot tea with our meals. The music was great, perfect volume and the room had a sunny disposition despite the fact that it was cold and raining that night.

          As for the food -- I'm embarrassed to admit that I stuck mostly to what I get at the truck. That said, we had some of their delicious sweet corn fritters with a chili dipping sauce ($4). The other appetizer we tried was the spring roll special of the night ('head to tail' pork filling, $9)- which was not as successful. Perhaps it was undone by the pork filling fat content but the two rolls came to us very, very, very greasy. The dipping sauce was very sweet and there was no acid to cut through the dish. I had one bite and left it for my husband to finish...

          Entrees were magical kale salad and their infamous 'Double Awesome'...which was also pretty greasy (noticeably more so then the truck) but delicious. The salad was great-- although I feel like there used to cheese on it? Didn't mind as the egg was cooked and the rest was a perfect balance.

          All in all, we would totally go back...it's a good, inexpensive, option in that area...Although, we love Audubon, too. I hope it's able to survive and they get to spread their wings a bit...

          1. We went there last (Friday) night for dinner and really enjoyed. We arrived a 7:00 and there was a long wait - about 45 minutes for a table for 5. The very welcoming host said this was atypical, however, and was very apologetic (not his fault, of course!).

            Our group had:
            Double awesome: delicious as we expected, though the scallion pancake wasn't super scallion-y
            Fritters: light, sweet, and perfectly fried
            Kung Pao chicken dip: well received by the others, but too rich in my opinion. A little goes a long way.
            Braised beef dumpling: mixed reviews - some found them dry, others not.
            Charred cabbage salad: an interesting flavor combination. I personally did not like the egg and apple together, and thought the feta overshadowed the other elements. But it was still tasty and got devoured.
            Curry: amazing, piping hot, flavorful with a touch of spice, and yet overall refined. We loved it.
            Carrots and seeds: this was the least successful dish, in our opinion. The plating was gorgeous, but it tasted healthy, and not in a good way. There was an earthy-tasting component that overpowered the rest.
            Pureed celery root: perfectly smooth, delicately flavored, delicious. But the dish was a bit out of sync with the rest of the food - seemed like it should go alongside a salmon steak, or something more bistro-like.
            Sriracha fried rice: bland and unremarkable.
            Dessert steamed/fried buns: delectable, but for some of us the chipotle flavor overwhelmed the chocolate and berries. Texture was light and airy, amazing.

            With one iced coffee and one punch, the bill came to $137 (not including tip). Not cheap, but it was a ton of food. The service was warm and accommodating.

            Overall it was excellent, very reminiscent of Myers and Chang in both the food and vibe. I did wish there was some fresher/simpler dishes to offset the intensity of the other stuff. (The seasonal greens were cabbage, which the server recommended we skip in favor of the charred cabbage salad.) I appreciate the commitment to sustainability and the hospitality. I definitely want to go back for lunch.

            1. Stopped by recently, got the Double Awesome with pastrami and a shrub drink. Excellent all around. Much more on that menu I want to try.


              1. We just had dinner there. We got there about 5 and it was pretty empty, but had filled up by the time we left a bit after 6. Double awesome totally lived up to its name, and my DH is already wondering when he can have another. The sweet corn fritters were good but not a must-have-again. Dumplings were not quite savory for me, but a huge hit for my DC. Trotters and waffles I loved, especially the spicy cranberry sauce. We tried the shrub and the warm spiced cider and both were fantastic. We will certainly be back to try more

                1. I have been twice in the last couple weeks to Mei Mei. I didn't know about the food truck. I have tried the Bahn Mei, the hot and sour soup, the charred cabbage salad and the fried hash brown thingies.

                  The bahn mei is outstanding, especially with two added eggs. I think this is one of the best sandwiches I have tried in a restaurant. The addition of the liver mousse take it to another level of flavor and complexity. Awesome.

                  The charred cabbage salad is also excellent and also has a runny egg and little crispy things on the top.

                  The fried balls reminded me of hush puppies with added sriracha mayo which goes great with anything.

                  The only thing that I haven't really liked was the hot and sour soup. It was all right, I liked the dumplings in it and the fried tofu was great, but for my taste the ponzu was very very dominant and overwhelming.

                  Overall, I am stoked that there is a really great place to eat near Fenway. Cheers!

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                  1. Updating this thread to note that Mei Mei finally has its license to serve wine and beer. (Woo hoo!)

                    I can't wait to see how a beer pairs with a Double Awesome (or just about anything that they offer).

                    -Mei Mei restaurant
                    -506 Park Drive, Boston, MA 02215

                    1. went last night on the early side (6 ish) and there were plenty of empty tables. The toast of the day came with egg salad and arugla and it was excellent. Double awesome with pastrami also great. Bacon fried rice would have been a standout anyplace else, but it was third place behind the others. (yes, we had three dishes with eggs). those three dishes were enough for an early quick pre-movie dinner. Good beer list now. And I love their parklet with solar powered lights and phone charging stations. Not sure if you can take your beer outside...