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Dec 4, 2013 08:38 AM

HELP! I can't find any Advent Calendars

I forgot to get them last week and now they are all SOLD OUT.. Has anyone seen them recently or does anyone know where I can get one today in the Scarborough area?


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  1. Dollar Store? They won't be very tasty, but it might not matter.

      1. Shoppers Drug Mart has their store brand (Carnaby Street) and also Lindt still available in my area.

        1. Am I crazy, or did I also see them at Costco of all places?

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          1. re: duckdown

            Nope... they were there EXCEPT they were the ultra hard to find Lindt deluxe version. Usually they're only sold in the US and Europe but we got them somehow. It's twice the size of the Shoppers Advent calendar and includes truffles, mini bars, dark chocolate, hazelnut enrobed with truffle and then chocolate, and solid mini Lindt bears. The best part... it eventually went cheaper than the price found at Shoppers and Loblaws.

            1. re: Nevy

              We got one of those for mini firefly. She has a tummy bug, am I awful if I "catch up" for her? :)

              1. re: LexiFirefly

                I think its a loving mother's duty to keep the little ones caught up :). Nevy Jr only ate half the hazelnut truffle one yesterday... I was thrilled to help her 'stay current'.

                This Lindt deluxe version feels luxurious compared to the wax mock-late I had as a kid.

          2. I know that this is not available in Scarborough, but look at this Advent Calendar! They ship within 24 hours, worldwide.


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            1. re: foodyDudey

              Ah, but they SHIP to Scarbs...

              A friend got that. I am jealous.