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Dec 4, 2013 08:34 AM

Thoughts on this Christmas Day Menu

We're hosting 8 adults (2 are vegetarian) and 2 kids. Early dinner (or late lunch) around 3pm.

Goat cheese and pesto torts
parmesan pinwheels
assorted olives and crackers

Pomegranate, walnut and pear salad (blue cheese on the side), with a mustard vinaigrette

Caesar encrusted beef tenderloin

Wild mushroom bread pudding (make day before)

Should I add another vegetable or side? If so, any suggestions? My parents are bringing dessert. Should I add a soup course? If so, any good vegetarian suggestions? I just feel like maybe something is missing? TIA!

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  1. How Chow are the kids? The apps seem quite adult, to me.

    Love the salad, main and bread pudding, but again, would the kids be on board (hey, even Mr. Pine wants that blue cheese "on the side" so he can ignore it, so that seems right!).

    The vegetarians aren't getting much as the entree--maybe another item that could be a side to the meat eaters, but the main for the vegs? I do a "stain-glass" polenta that could work (but it might be too close to the mushroom bread pudding.)


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    1. re: pine time

      my five year old granddaughter scarfed up the olives, cheese and crackers that we had at Thanksgiving. I think the appetizers are fine for kids, personally.

    2. I would add a vegetable, maybe brussels sprouts since they are in season. I would not use mustard in the vinaigrette but maybe consider some walnut oil?

      1. Make that 9 adults. I'll bring some wine.

        I think it sounds terrific!

        I would be tempted to add an interesting vegetable or vegetable-based side mostly for the 2 vegetarians. Maybe a vegetable-based app. too.

        1. Is the salad being served as a separate course? If so, I would certainly add at least one other side -- probably something that included green vegetables -- to the entrée course and perhaps 2, given your vegetarian guests.

          As to apps, unless the kids have particularly sophisticated palates, I'd add some cut-up veggies (carrots, sweet pepper strips, etc) and a dip -- say humous -- to the apps.

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          1. re: masha

            I think also that you need something else green, Brussels sprouts , roasted green beans.
            I'd also add something more for the veggies, like a gratin with winter squash .

            1. re: magiesmom

              I have not made this myself but I recommended it to a friend for her Thanksgiving dinner and she said it came out great. It just might be too heavy in addition to the bread pudding since it has bread too.

              Roasted Root Vegetable & Gruyere Gratin


              1. re: valerie

                Do these vegetarians eat cheese? If so, this wouldn't work...

                Also, you've got three dishes with cheese, which IMO is too much with little else to round out the menu. Plenty of vegetarian options online; check out

                If you took the salad out, the vegetarians would pretty much be looking at a soup if you add one, and bread (as in the pudding.) Keep the salad & add a main dish veggie.

          2. I agree with the others that you definitely need a vegetable side with your main, so that the vegetarians can treat the bread pudding as their main. A soup course could be nice as well, if you want to make a more elaborate event of it. I like potatoes with beef - maybe a small cup of potato leek soup, with extra available for the vegetarians if they want a heartier portion to compensate for the fact that they're not eating beef?