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Dec 4, 2013 08:06 AM

Cost Plus Foods--Wowsers!

I don't go into Cost Plus much because there is nothing there I need, but around the holidays I drop in for stocking stuffers, etc. I was there yesterday and was amazed at the variety of imported foods they have from so many countries. I have a German friend and asked the clerk where the German foods were. She showed me about 20 different items from noodles to mustards, sauerkrauts to marzipan. I was blown away.

Do your Cost Plus stores usually carry such a large inventory of international foods or is this just a holiday thing?

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  1. I don't think it's a holiday thing - we shop there for birthday and wedding gifts and always peruse the food area. That's were I got my whole nutmeg.

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      Good to know as whole nutmeg can be hard to find. I'm still using some I bought in a Singapore spice market in 1996, but my supply is running out with all the holiday baking.

      Our store used to have a much smaller selection of international foods. Lots of Marzetti products which you can buy at many other places, lots and lots of candy and sweets, which I don't eat, coffees, teas, etc. but they are devoting more and more floor space to foods. And I was surprised to see knockoffs of Restoration Hardware furniture too.

      I will definitely be stopping in more often.

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        You can get whole nutmeg from Penzey's as well

        1. re: FriedClamFanatic

          Oh shoot--I forgot and just placed a Penzey's order.

    2. I've bought some of their international food items for years--ours has a good selection, too.

      Some of the items, such as the marzipan, for example, are seasonal.

      Plus, their wine selection is always a serendipity.

      1. Regarding international foods, in the olden days Cost Plus used to be called Cost Plus Imports.

        International foods (and other imported items) are what they sell.

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        1. re: Alan408

          Which is why I don't shop there often because it's mostly junk made overseas. FOOD, OTOH, is another story :-))

          They do have very reasonable and attractive table top stuff, open stock so easily replaced. And I like their selection of storage jars, etc.

          We have a Total Wine store here so I haven't bought wine at Cost Plus (World Market or whatever they are calling themselves) for years.

        2. World Market is one of my top go-to places for international foods, snacks, and chocolate.

          I am especially happy that they carry Kinder Bueno and UK chocolates that I love but have trouble finding here in the States.

          1. Its a great place to get a variety of ginger beers.