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Dec 4, 2013 05:15 AM

The Stand; DTW/Birmingham

I joined a friend for lunch yesterday at The Stand. It is located on the SW
corner of Maple & Woodward, ground floor.

Robin is the manager. She launched BooCoo and several other restaurants, so she knows what she is doing. Casey works the bar. Very conversational, if that is what you seek. Otherwise; she gives patrons space, peace and quiet. A large selection of craft and seasonal choices are available from the bar. Thumbs up.

Apparently they offer free valet parking. I don't "do" valet, so I parked in a nearby garage - first 2 hours were $0 (for the holiday?)

It is a large space with separate rooms for bar, charcuterie, dining and at least one private dining room. The long main hallway features wine bins with the the owners' names. (This IS Birmingham <g>) The bottles are stored upright with labels forward, for those that wish to gawk. Not so good for the wine itself.

I started with their trio of soups. 2.5 to 3 ounces each. The lobster bisque was the winner, followed by the beef barley. I cannot remember the third. 'Nuff said. I would have preferred the soups a tad bit warmer. I will order again.

My buddy ordered sweet breads. A few minutes later the chef appears and apologizes that the sweet breads prepared for lunch service do not meet his standards. He makes a few alternative recommendations.

I also ordered the squash ratatouille. Keep in mind that my recent shift to the vegetarian side of the menu ... leaves me ill-prepared to be making trustworthy judgement. The flavors were good, but I felt that something was missing. Perhaps it was my salt addiction/deficit speaking. Next time, I will try something else.

My buddy ordered the roasted oysters and the grilled artichoke hearts. He liked both and would order again.

Lunch w/water, no alcohol, including a generous tip was $28. Not somewhere I will be eating every day, but a good place for a business lunch or personal treat.

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  1. Just FYI, B'ham parking in the structures has always been free for the first two hours as long as I can recall

    The place sounds interesting but you're right, that's a spendy lunch!

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    1. re: coney with everything

      We had half of a sandwich and a cup of soup for $10. Just enough and fair in price.

    2. had dinner hear last night. seemed like a pretty cool setup with an open kitchen. food was definitely solid.

      caesar salad was some romaine and some grilled radicchio. could use more dressing, but then it'd look sloppy. radicchio needed some more acidity or oil when grilled, still undercooked

      apps were good...salmon is just like lox. not much beet flavor. short ribs were served with grits, and were severely under seasoned

      olive oil poached filet with foie gras, leak n potatoes: can't really go wrong with filet and foie gras, though its small pieces instead of a solid piece of foie. otherwise good flavor and tender. leak n potatoes was definitely lacking salt.
      wagyu sirloin strip, parsnip puree. i enjoyed the puree. the strip was surprisingly chewy for wagyu. Technique wise, you can definitely tell that the strip was carmelized well, with a solid crust and a small thin layer of 'grey' well done beef. technically good, but the beef is just not as tender as the sirloin i've had at capital grille.

      50/50 potatoes: not bad, but then again i'm not a big mashed potato fan.

      overall, i'd def come here and try out the rest of the menu. there's potential here. Bathrooms need a little TLC or better management - just messy compared to the class of the restaurant and the overall price range of the establishment

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      1. re: gan911

        Your review does not make me want to go out and try this.
        Is the Stand new? Maybe in 6 months or so. Sounds like they need to fix a lot of issues!

        1. re: Markcron

          well, its better than most places in metro dtw. the menu actually looks ambitious and makes me want to try it. majority of places thats higher end in the 'burbs are all steakhouses. I don't need someone to cook a steak for me.

            1. re: rainsux

              Yup, I know i highlighted some imperfections, however the menu is fairly ambitious. I think we should definitely reward ambition and effort in this community. We're not a top 20 dining destination. how do we expect restaurants to keep innovating and advancing if we don't reward them for their effort?
              hell this place has a chefs table over an open kitchen. I don't know any other places in metro detroit that has one.
              So the food may not be perfect, but even with my limited budget, i'd go back. I can't think of a better vote of confidence than that.

      2. Their charcuterie board is worthy of some praise. Their wine storage is laughable.

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        1. re: prcentauri

          I liked the wine list. Fair in price, not all Cali cabs ( every place in this town has that), Gruner Veltliner on the list? Yes. I am tired of the same old lists.