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Dec 4, 2013 05:11 AM

Edinburgh restaurants

Sorry,I have asked this question before.Never have had success in Edinburgh for evening meals.Glasgow,on the other hand, is wonderful.only real success is Valvona and Crolla for lunch. Looking for relaxed atmosphere, sort of bistro style maybe. Price range £25 - £35 for two courses and glass of wine.But not big eaters. George Street area is not the answer. Too touristy. Any great ideas out there please.

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  1. Have you typed in Edinburgh in the search box above on the right? There have been lots of good suggestions for Edinburgh over the past years.

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    1. re: zuriga1

      I'm surprised that you find Glasgow so much better. Edinburgh's restaurant choices are a lot more broad ranged and generally of a higher quality. Having said that Glasgow has a couple of really good casual type eateries.

      As suggested though, search the board for the posts from this year. Off the top of my head at that price have a look at L'escargot Bleu or the Galvin Brasserie.

      1. re: AWaiting

        Ha Awaiting!! I was about to suggest L'Escargot Blanc!!

        What about Stac Polly? We had a pretty good work's Christmas meal the other night - which is quite a feat, given how dire some Christmas menus can be! Not sure about the lunch situation though.

        1. re: alisonk

          Thanks for your replies - I think Glasgow is much more accessible probably because it does not serve a tourist industry the size of Edinburgh - you can come unstuck in Edinburgh and find yourself eating a second rate tourist menu (as you would in Florence,London etc) where Glasgow is more genuine (and friendly). We are coming up to Edinburgh this weekend (no other dates free) and of course it is stupid Xmas busy so most of the suggestions on the Edinburgh links are full up. Still looking for a lovely relaxed meal on Saturday (lunchtime). So far booked up Grain Store Friday evening (thanks to the links) and V&C lunch sunday.Will look at Stac Polly - thanks Alisonk.

          1. re: tangoterrier

            If you don't want a heavy lunch, but would like to get out of the cold, have a few glasses of wine and some lighter plates, I thoroughly recommend the bon vivante in thistle street.


            should book though - even if you just want a drink because it can get rammed. Whisky Rooms on the Mound are quite good for lunch - seem a bit touristy maybe, but a nice atmosphere and the couple of times I have been, the food is good.

            1. re: alisonk

              Thanks for the tip - have looked at their website and have booked lunch.Thanks again

              1. re: alisonk

                I'm really going to have to try bon vivant again. I wasn't blown away by the food last time I was there but that was a couple of years ago.

                I'll hold off with other suggestions since it looks like that's the slots filled up! Enjoy The Grainstore, a great and under rated restaurant.

                1. re: AWaiting

                  I will let you know how Bon vivant shapes up.Looking forward to Grain Store and another lunch at old favourite Valvonna and Crolla.V&C always useful as we get Italian wine shipped down South from them

                  1. re: AWaiting

                    I guess it depends on what you are looking for with the Bon Vivant. I think the atmosphere, the coziness and the great wine and good range of spirits make the place. I like the small plates and the fact that I have never been hurried there. The food has been solid - not super fancy or sophisticated but not too expensive - and I think the wine list has to be one of the best in Edinburgh for by the glass wines.

                    OP I actually looked at your post again. If you can get a reservation at Castle Terrace, their lunch menu is within that price range. It is amazing, not stuffy, and not too heavy at all.
                    Another place I have thought of is Sweet Melinda's in Marchmot - a bit out of the way and I have not been for ages, but I do have fond memories.

                    There are lots of good places in Edinburgh - but I would say that a lot of them are more spread out of the city centre compared to Glasgow

                2. re: tangoterrier

                  We really enjoyed Grain Store this time last year, had a really great evening there.

          2. Apparently the pizza is good at La Favorita.

            1. Having returned from Edinburgh just to say that we found the Grain Store very good both ambiance and food. Bon Vivant was fun and noisy. So many thanks as ever for good recommendations.