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Dec 4, 2013 02:51 AM

Derby St., shopping in Hingham Saturday.... lunch?

Hi all,

I am meeting friends for a day of shopping and lunch, with more shopping after lunch.

The choices we have are at Derby St., only that day.

I know nothing is chowish there, but any suggestions would be great. One of the only things we are looking for is a quiet place to chat and relax a bit. And I would prefer not to spend a lot of money for just an okay lunch. It seems that Rustic Kitchen (never been), Bertuccis and a Legal C Bar are there. We also don't want pizza. Anyone ever have other food from Bertuccis?


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  1. I've never been a fan of Rustic Kitchen but I do like Burton's. The atmosphere is comfortable but it can be a little loud at times. Haven't tried Legal C

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      I've eaten at the Legal C in Dedham and it was very good.

    2. I know it's not a "restaurant" per se, but when I'm shopping there around lunch time and want something, I go to Whole Foods. They have a wide selection, decent food and a seating area. You can get pretty much anything you want to eat.

      1. Thanks, I think my friends have chosen Rustic Kitchen. Anyone ever eat there?

        The menu doesn't look very exciting, I guess I'll find something that will do. :)

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          The veal meatball app is pretty tasty and at least back in the day (say 3 years ago) more than I could finish for lunch. I believe we got them takeout once and with pasta it was dinner for 3. Portion size may have changed since then.
          ETA: parking is really a beast at Derby St in December, grab the first spot you see wherever it is.

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            Rustic Kitchen is the best place there. For something sweet you have White's Bakery.

            1. re: libertywharf

              Thank you liberty, we did go to lunch at RK. Were too full to have dessert though. :)


          2. I usually agree with Peg, but I have to say, we've always had good meals at Rustic Kitchen. Their pizzas are quite good and I think all their pasta is fresh/homemade. If it's still on the winter menu, their lobster sandwich is very tasty. Also have hadgood luck with their fish dishes.

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            1. re: CocoDan

              That's okay Dan; can't agree on everything. Maybe I'll give it another go based on your recommendation. I just never cared for their pasta dishes.

              1. re: Pegmeister

                I'd say it's the best of the middle of the road selections we have in the area. I'd recommend going to Scarlett Oak Tavern for lunch, but leaving that mall and trying to get back in this time of year is awful. S.O.T. has a very good lunch menu reasonably priced. We take clients there and are never disappointed. Again, not a stellar choice, but pretty good for the area.

                1. re: CocoDan

                  Thanks Dan,

                  We thought it best not to leave Derby St., for lunch though.

                  The parking will be a zoo, we aren't even arriving until nearly 11am. One friend is driving down from Saco, Me., and didn't want to leave at the crack of dawn.

                  I believe we've settled on RK.

                  I'm hoping the banh mi sandwich is okay. :) I'm not expecting it to be as good as Mel Sum bakery in Chinatown though.


            2. Cant miss with Rustic Kitchen or Bertons Grill for great Burgers. I would not go to Bertuccis.

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              1. re: Tucker23

                years and years ago, Bertucci's pizza was great and so were the salads and the antipasti platter and always the rolls. Once it got sold, started a big decline. Rolls are still good but that's it. Pizza is ok if you are starving. Made the mistake of trying a few of the newish small plates a few years ago when the kid wanted the rolls.....they were inedible. Now even the kid won't eat the pizza so we don't have to go anymore. Now, he does like the rolls at Legal Seafood but I've experimented with making hard crusty rolls at home so we are safe.