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NYC for 5 low-key days

My BFF & I will be in your great city in January, for birthday concert & show, staying Midtown West. Need suggestions for casual but tasty restaurants (no reservations), we like small, funky places for lunch & dinner. Going to Norma's, Balthazar, Clinton St. Baking, Katsu Hama. Gastropubs and breakfast places open late are good, no Thai or Korean but looking for great xlb. Have already been to Katz's, Bubbys, Joe's, John's, Lombardi's, Toloache, Shake Shack, Sarabeths. Not familiar with Hells Kitchen area but heard they have some cool places. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, tia!

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  1. The xlb at shanghai cafe 100 mott street are real crowd pleasers

    1. Not sure if you wanted just HK locations. Regardless, you should check out Spotted Pig and Casellula

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        Hi Spiritchaser, willing to go downtown as long as easily navigated by sub or taxi. We won't have time to venture into Brooklyn this time.

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          So the first 2 suggestions are still valid (especially Casellula) and you could check out Tipsy Parson if you happen to be down that way. How about ramen? Ippudo has their fairly new location on 51st.

      2. Check out Black Tree on Orchard Street (not far from Katz's). Same neighborhood, Pala on Allen, just south of Houston. Wander over to music clubs afterwards (Pala is right by Rockwood Music Hall, for instance)

        1. Good casual middle eastern at gazala's palace on 9th ave:

          Pick a bagel at 8th ave/53rd is a good breakfast choice, that location has a good number of tables as well.

          Sullivan st bakery on w47th st between 10th and 11th ave has breakfast and lunch choices made with their excellent breads:

          1. you might enjoy Bar Pitti...order off the blackboard...no reservations...open all day...yummy Tuscan food...cash only...

            1. Thanks for the great suggestions! I appreciate it!

              1. Porchetta- pork sandwich
                Num Peng- coconut shrimp sandwich
                Pastis- only because you mention Balthazar and Pastis is closer
                Rubirosa- gluten free stuff and pizza
                Meatball Shoppe- ummm meatballs
                Robataya- japanese grill and more
                Hero Boy- ( 9th and 38th) hero sandwiches
                Sullivan St. bakery ( i 2nd this) pizza is great
                Co. - a different style pizza from Sullivan St.( same owner)
                Paradou- foie gras tasting
                Recette- various small dishes
                Basta pasta- japanese/italian
                Georgia's BBQ - ribs
                Yokocho- yakitori , noodles , fish
                Terroir- wine bar, small dishes, cheeses
                Tortelleria ( university pl) great guac
                Cafecito - Cuban food

                1. Thanks, all, for these great recommendations. Do you suggest we try any food trucks?

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                    I don't chase specific food trucks, but midtownlunch.com has comprehensive coverage and reviews regularly. Their map function is handy and includes more than just midtown.