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Dec 3, 2013 08:04 PM

Fresh pasta near Hollywood?

Is there anywhere reasonably close to Hollywood that I can get fresh pasta? Or not reasonably close?
Does anywhere sell fresh lemon and black pepper pasta?

Thinking of a place like this :

Am I being too much of an optimist in LA?

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  1. Place in farmers market 3d and fairfax

    1. Divine Pasta at Cube Marketplace on La Brea.

      1. So Cube doesn't look like it sells pasta, did you buy some there? I just checked their website...

        The place in the farmers market looks like they sell frozen and dried but do they have the fresh stuff?

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 and Cube Marketplace used to sell Divine Pasta fresh pasta. Did you call them and ask? I'd do that rather than rely on their online site for accurate information.

          1. re: Servorg

            I live close by, I figured I could just stop by. Wanted to check out their website while I was online though.
            A store with CHEESE AND PASTA? Yes! Thank you very very much. Worth the trip to BH, for sure.

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              If I remember correctly, Cube and Divine Pasta Company were co-owned and may still be because the Divine Pasta Company still lists Cube Marketplace and Café on their website. However, it's mostly a café and the marketplace is around the edges of the room but when you go in, the person at the door asked you where you going to be seated when all you want is to buy a pound of pasta or such and so it's a bit odd, but I think that's still the case.

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            I guess frozen isn't fresh, but the raviolis there are awesome and come in lots of different flavors, same with the pasta.

          3. Fresh pastas are available by the pound at Mel and Rose in West Hollywood (Melrose near La Cienega).


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              This is fairly close to me as well, might check them out tomorrow. Thanks!