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Dec 3, 2013 06:29 PM

Great Mexican in Centereach Long Island

Fred19 mentioned Pollo Rico on Middle Country Road awhile back for a good, inexpensive meal, so since we have regular appointments in the area I thought we'd give it a try. Looks sort of like a fast food joint from the outside, but the interior is beautifully decorated, warm and inviting. As was the staff.

The food was just fantastic! No way we could eat it all though, very big portions, even though this was lunch. For an appetizer my husband had the chicken quesadillas (he likes to stick with the basics) while I had arepas with a big slab of chicarrone. Both came with a tasty green sauce, which was herb based, and also a cup of fresca cheese. So much nicer that your ubiquitous tomato salsa. We ate too much of both dishes, couldn't stop ourselves. Entrees, an enormous burrito for him, which came with rice plus a big soup bowl filled with beans in what appeared to be a mole sauce. Once the beans were applied to other items on the plate, again couldn't stop eating, well after we should have. So tasty! I ordered the Paella dish, as good as any I've had and chock full of seafood, but I was so full (we were sharing, of course!) that I just tasted and brought most of it home. It will make two or three more meals, at least!

Afterwards the server offered dessert but we protested that we were way too full. He insisted we try his "chocolate cake" on the house. It was actually more like an Italian cassata cake, soaked in rum with a pastry filling, and hard to believe but we polished it off almost instantly. If all their desserts are that good, I will never turn one down again!

Oh and the Margaritas were top rate too. They seem to do a lot of take out, plus take out catering for parties, I made sure to get menus on the way out. This is going to be a regular stop for us from now on.

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  1. I love Pollo Rico but I think it's more Columbian than Mexican.
    Have you been to that new place in Calverton? Cinco de Mayo?

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      Pollo Rico is all across the board: Mexican and southwest US, Central American, South Amercian and even Spain too. Something for everyone.

      I went to Cinco de Mayo a few times right after they opened but haven't been recently. The service was way too slow for us unfortunately, hopefully that's changed? (since it's literally around the block) If so, feel free to correct me. I would love to hear that they have worked out the kinks.

      I like pure Mexican homemade style as much as the next, but it was kind of nice to have all those different choices all at one restaurant. And the service was impeccable!