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Dec 3, 2013 04:50 PM

Three Un-named and Un-Identified restaurants in the NY Times business piece.

But does anyone know what restaurants these are (that was noted in the Times):

"An Israeli-owned steakhouse that just opened in the French Quarter sets prices according to how long the beef has been aged. A place in the gentrifying Bywater neighborhood tells customers the original longitude and latitude of the street food on the menu. At another, a straight-faced waitress described a special involving “roast broccoli in a purée of broccoli.”

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  1. The steakhouse is Doris Metropolitan. Note that the hours posted on their webpage -- indicating they're open all afternoon -- aren't particularly accurate. And for that reason I haven't been yet.

    The Bywater place is Booty's. Not a bad addition to the neighborhood (especially for coffee in the morning and some laptop action). If you're all the way up there, Maurepas is a better bet.

    As for the broccoli ... I'd like to know that myself.

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    1. re: montuori

      I just love, luve, lov it when they don't mention the restaurants by name.

      NOt really.

      But thanks for the clarification on the names.

      1. re: montuori

        Totally agree with you Booty's v Maurepas.

        I think my expectations were too high. I thought it was actually going to be more of a dive with great "food truck" style food. Decent but nothing was a standout, and it was a bit too cutesy for me, whereas Maurepas has knocked it out each time.

        Spacy waitress @ Booty's did not help the scene... so now I think I know what you mean by the hit or miss on service :]

        Although is it not the one described in the article, a standout broccoli dish, for me, was Miss Rebecca's broccoli with a fried catfish topping Herbsaint special side. And the pecan-topped pumpkin pie that night was pretty outstanding, too. Sigh.

        Why would they not mention names, that makes no sense?

      2. The third sounds like Maurepas.