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Dec 3, 2013 04:48 PM

Willie Mae Scotchouse, anyone been recently ????


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  1. Was there this afternoon around 1:30. The four of us each ordered chicken and it arrived in about 20-25 minutes. I know some people say it's too salty or spicy but I think it's just about perfect. The butter beans are amazing.

    1. I took my daughter there a couple of months ago. I always try to get there right about opening time to avoid the lines that can sometime accrue when lunch time hits. She had not been there before and was blown away by the chicken. Not everyone agrees, but for my taste the coating has just the right balance of spice, bite and crunch. I've yet to be disappointed there. And the butter beans are truly first rate.

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        The butter beans are great but other than that it don't get the hype for the place, have it three chances and wasn't impressed. The last time I went was with my wife, who likes a good fried chicken and she wasn't impressed either. But everyone has different tastes... Maybe my expectations were too high

      2. I was there Dec 2.
        Like many people, I was charmed (no, mesmerized) by Willie Mae's post-Katrina story.
        My expectations grew and grew by reading more and more about the chicken.
        I set myself up to be disappointed.
        In my opinion, good, hand-made, fried chicken. Good but not great.
        We also ordered a breaded pork chop. Same result.

        I don't think my visit would have been complete without eating there, but theres not likely to be a return visit.

        FWIT, we enjoyed the fried chicken at Fiorellas more.
        If you could get the spicing (seasoning) of Wille Mae's and the texture of Fiorellas, it'd be knocked outta the park (IMO).